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This is my latest project and it’s about a world trip without money. I want to compete it only with power of design. To achive this goal I have left my current job.

Travelling the world with the aim of participating in many design projects will give a unique opportunity to give the real living example for the young designers. I want to show that a talented designer can earn on his living by his great design skills and it is the core of my project. I need the helps of all designers and design offices for this journey.

My professional skills allow me to work with different companies, involved in illustrations, graphic design, games software development, marketing agencies, graphic studios, different magazines and journals, advertising agencies, etc. I’m open for any job about design on my way. The companies which will hire me, will not pay the social insurances, local taxes, payment bonuses, reference letters afterwards. All I want is the monthly salary of the designer in that area, which allows me to survive. I will not use my credit card or other sources to cover the expenses during my adventure. I will work 2-5 weeks or more, depending on that company’s current needs. Later, I will continue my professional trip to other places. My working days, adventures, companies, places, things I did, and people will be covered daily on my blog and shared on my web-page with photos, videos and other interesting media as well. On my final return to Turkey, the whole story is going to be compiled and published by a very special book of devotion. The memories, the reviews of agencies, designers, cultures, places will be reflected in the book. I would love to show my gratitude and honor to all people I am going to meet on my way with this book. All the earnings on book sales will be donated to Unicef & Greenpeace organizations. I am open to all parts of the world, not only European countries and the USA. All the beauty, mystery, culture come first to me. Please feel free to send an e-mail if you want to work with me or just say hello and if you want to have more information please jump to about me section or visit my website: As you may feel my excitement about the current project, I would like to add that I have done something similar in my past working in different seminars and studios worldwide. Later it was successfully resulted in my works for small startups and large international companies, such as Aygaz, Alfa Romeo, Iveco, Danone, Papia, Burger King, Avea, Hillside, Iddaa and many more… It is much more professional this time, I am ready for a journey for more treasures and discoveries in Design… With my warmest regards, CC