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World is a dance floor

My dear cousin Can is about to marry with his super darling Ay癟a. Well they are inviting me to the ceremony but I am not sure that they are aware what they are doing :) Dear Can and Ay癟a please watch the video and tell me about your final decision… I will be waiting :) If you still want to see me there, Behold my brother, cause I am gonna rock that place.

Sevgili kuzenim Can ve sevgilisi Ay癟a evleniyorlar. D羹羹nlerine beni de 癟a覺r覺yorlar ama acaba hata m覺 ediyorlar? Can bunu bir daha d羹羹nmelisiniz. Video’yu izleyin de sonra kesin karar覺n覺z覺 bekliyorum.

02 Haziran 2013 Yorum Yap覺lmam覺 Short URL

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