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This is gonna be crazy!

Dear friends, I will try to do another crazy thing that nobody has ever tried before. I will jump from a plane and design a logo project during free fall with 200 Km/h speed. 4 cameras will record every second and i will upload a video here soon. Till then, “Totsiens”: Goodbye in Afrikaans!

Sevgili dostlar, d羹nyada bir ilki deniyorum. U癟aktan atlay覺p 200 kilometre h覺zla serbest d羹羹 esnas覺nda bir logo tasarlamaya 癟al覺aca覺m. 4 kamera bu anlar覺 saniye saniye g繹r羹nt羹l羹yor olacak. G繹r羹nt羹leri kullanarak oluturaca覺m video gelene dek, “Totsiens”: Afrikaans dilinde “ho癟a kal覺n!”

31 Ekim 2012 Yorum Yap覺lmam覺 Short URL

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