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Something for Medellin

Hello, my name is ar覺 ankaya. People call me as “Cha Cha the best” here. I’m 29 years old, Turkish designer trying to make a world trip with my design skills. I’m writing this from beautiful city named Medellin located in Colombia. I came here after working 21 companies located at 18 different cities of 15 different countries. I came here with no expectations. I had no much idea about Colombia and I didn’t wanted to search much, before I arrive. Because That’s how I am and this is how I want to do this thing. I don’t want to learn the things about cities I am going to visit. I want to see and learn when I am there, all by myself and with my new local friends.I want to throw myself to part of the world without any information andknowledge.Because I believe it will improve me much more by this way. I want to live my own experiences about each city. I don’t need touristic informations and I don’t care what tourists does. I am a traveller with my own system oftraveling.

I was hearing one good and one bad thing about this place from everybody when I told them that I am going to be in Colombia:

1) Why you are going there? That place is dangerous.

2) Woww You are going to have big fun!

And the second was the right one. It happened exactly like that. I had huge huge hugeeee fun here. I came here with many personal problems as well. But I forget them all here. People of Medellin and the city helped me to cover my scars. They gave me so much love and kindness before I gave them anything. They took all the tiredness of being on the road from me. Now I feel like I am just starting to a new world trip. I feel fresh, full of love and energy. All because of these people. The people from Medellin. My friends. My co- workers. They did it only in two weeks. They were acting me like they know me for 20 years. Everybody I met here was like my best friend here. What a friendly city is that. I am really surprised that there are still cities like this in this planet. The only risk here is wanting to stay.

People often ask me about which country or city is the bets place. There is no answer for that. I mean it depends on what you are looking for. What kind of life you would like to live? You prefer big cities or laid back easy living places? But there is one important thing.People matters everywhere. You can be in a very well looking beautiful city but if the people are not so nice. You are screwed. People make your day not the buildings. The percent of beautifularchitecturesor buildings effecting your life is so few when you compare it with the people’seffecton your life. You can be in a shit hole place but if you are with the right people, you can live the best days of your life there. And People of Medellin is the right people. Believe me. The people here is the main thing which makes this city so special. If you remove all these people from here, it’s still a nice city though. Maybe not the most beautiful place so far but with the people it becomes one of the world’s most amazing places to live.

Forget about what you know about humans no matter what your age is. People of Medellin are different than the rest of the world. They are helpful,friendlyand nice all the time. It looks like there is no anger here. No stress or bad talk. Everybody loves everybody without any reason here. And if you give them 5 love, they will pay you back as 15 love. It’s very interesting that you always get 3 times more than what your give.

You know that writing long articles for cities are not my thing. I am doing more like a visual work. There are many photos and videos but less text in my blog. But I had to write something for Medellin. This city and it’s people, helped me too much in every aspect.

Thank you Medellin, and all the people inside of you. Goodbye to all my Colombian friends. You raised my happinessstandardstoo much. It will be harder to be happy because of you guys. :) I know I have a house in Medellin and you also never forget your house in Istanbul. Come to your house anytime you want. Just remember to send me an e-mail to check me if I am in the house.


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