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Reflections section is all about what people said about me on the road. These people are all my co-workers and partners around the world. I will try to update this page continually. Find out what people said about my project.


















Shreya Sarda – Co founder – Design Flyover

I have been interact with Cagri for 3 weeks of time everyday. He came here early morning at 05:00 am In the same day we walked around and had some time together. I am living in Mumbai for 4 years but I discovered many interesting places with him. Cagri took us some places we never seen before. Cagri has been really open to ideas in terms of what we eat how we live… No doubt he is an amazing designer he had a great effect he helped us many of the projects. I really respect about how he gives importance to finishing his works giving them shape and working till late nights… His blogging and updating it everyday… He smiles all the time and yes his smiles warms up the place. It is so sweet. I wish him all the best for what comes ahead. I hope he keeps up with his charm and desire to welcome that has ben unseen and unexplored any of them will come him with good benefits. I am sure he will be fine and meet with excellent people during his journey. And I wish for all young designers to look at this guy and do what they are dreaming for their life. Because this is what he does.


Nachiket Gandhi – Co-founder – Design flyover

Cagri started his travel in our company as Designer on the road. I was introduced with Designer on the road with Facebook and I was immensely excited and it is probably one of the things I would like to do by myself. That’s probably one of the reasons that I share common excitement with Cagri regarding this project of his. I didn’t event think twice to invite him to DFO. His being in DFO was a wonderful journey including amazing 3 working weeks. He is a great designer obviously. Apart from being great designer he is a great human being with great way of present and communicate himself as clearly as possible. I wish him he best of luck and I wish his dream of traveling the world with design becomes true. I also thank him to introduce me with some beautiful Turkish girls.


Rushil Jain – Industrial designer – Design Flyover

I don’t know what to say about this guy, he is really really awesome with his work. Few days I had interact with him and he is super talented about illustration this is what I have seen. He is saying that he doesn’t know any shit but his work shows otherwise. Yesterday he showed me some game design characters and they were really f.cking awesome. Apart from that he is pretty chill. He shared many things about his life and I wish him best of luck for future.


Sudhir Sharma – Founder – Indi design

When he firstly wrote me about his project Designer on the road I tought it was a joke!  I thought; if he is putting his leg out I should do something and asked him: “Why don’t you come to Indi?” He said yes I will come to Indi and that was all how it happened :) I am very happy, our experience was brilliant with this guy. He is not only a good designer and very quick with making films, graphics and all, he is also very nice person to have around. A very good friend who entertained our office almost 4 weeks. We’re gonna miss him now but I am sure he is going to light up other places. All the best!


Shriya Nagi – Graphic designer – Indi design

Whole project of Designer on the road is fantastic, I can’t imagine me doing it. Making money trough design, it’s fabulous. Not only concept of Designer on the road, his work is also brilliant, I wish him all the best on his world trip.


Pradeep Goswami – Graphic designer – Indi design

This is the first time a real designer inspired me, otherwise I searching on internet to inspire by the works of great designers. I really admire him for his work.


Anette Hiltunen – Interface designer – Indi design

I think he is an excellent designer and he designs with a different way but beside that he is also an awesome party guy. :) Heheheh. We had really really great time in India and he really knows how to have fun and dance on the tables :) (for example) And I like the concept of his project.


Swapnil Gaikwad – Animation artist – Indi design

When I first heard about Designer on the road it was a little bit hard to believe that someone can actually survive and travel around the world just by doing design. But when we actually met him and saw his work and the kind of work he is doing everything became much more realistic. It was also very inspiring for us to see someone doing such a challenging project. When he came to Indi he mixed up very quickly with everyone and he became a part of us. We had really good times in Pune. Having dinner, going to parties and traveling around. It was good fun! I wish him all the best for his future projects and adventures. We will miss him…


Arjun Samaddar – Project manager – Indi design

Cagri have that unique concept I never heard before. A designer going places and exploring design possibilities. He is exploring various places about how they work there and discovering new concepts of working in collaboration with various forms world wide. This is basically his new design adventure. Cagri is an extremely talented designer. Not just a designer, the way he thinks was what he adds the talent we have over here. But not just that. He is extremely spontaneous very spontaneous. We actually learned a lot from him in terms of how we work, how we think, how we articulate and combine them on the paper. For example if I just give him some kind of brief, he can quickly assimilate it and put it in a form and put it on the paper which I really appreciate about him. We just loved to have him around here. He is very cheerful, fun loving and extremely good person to be with I loved his company I loved the jokes he cracked, I absolutely enjoyed being with him! Thank you.


Manissh Kumar – Graphic designer – Indi design

It’s a big challange when you travel without money. Traveling to different cities, working with new clients, understanding the culture in a very short span of time. Getting inspirations from all these places and situations. All of these sounds pretty scary and hard to do but I believe he is doing really great job. I also think he motivates others, specially people like me. I’ve got lots of things to learn from him. The way he works really inspires everyone. Apart from that he is really fun loving guy, everybody enjoys his company and we did partied a lot. Let us do it because it keeps us fresh and we come up with different ideas. Haeahehe!


Tarun Thakkar – Project manager – Indi design

Sudhir mentioned us about we gonna have a designer on the road in Indi and I was pretty exciting when I heard about him. Because I love traveling myself and working in a design company so I was amazed that we have Cagri coming to us as known as designer on the road and when he landed over here it was a big surprise. He is a very joyful guy. I mean, he is always up to something new, everyday making people smile, running around the office, ready with his camera all the time and I am always checking his blog.


Vaibhav K Mohite – Architecture – Indi design

Cagri was on the road almost two months when I met with him and it was great for all of us here. He bring us many experiences. The initiative he has taken is quite interesting so far. His work is very different than what we have over here. I was quite surprised somebody can do this and travel all around the world just with his design skills without any money. He has a strong passion for seeing new cultures, meeting with new people discovering different design disciplines. I wish him all the best and hope that he will do this thing minimum 2 years. I will be waiting for his book about this project at the end.


Manesh Naik – Art director – Igoa

This guy came to our company and doesn’t feel like he is from different country or different place. Very nice person to work with we have worked as a team for a web project and he is a very creative person. I would like to welcome him anytime if he wants to come to Goa. He has a one more house in Goa. Good luck bro!


Dhiraj j. Shet Shirodkar – Art director – Igoa

Designer on the road’s idea is really unique and it must be a mind blowing thing to travel around the world and work with different people all the time. Keep up the good work.


David Williams – Founder partner – Digital Zoo

It was great having Chardgi, Cargi, Caggri or whatever his name was in our office :)  We had a lot of fun & did some great work together. The creative artwork he did on our office wall is absolutely awesome and really gives a creative lift to our office look and feel. Working with him was effortless, he took the brief… improved it ! and turned out something special every time. Good job, whatever your name is ?


Pasu Kongprasertkit – Founder partner – Digital Zoo

In the creative business, world wide experience is important and in DigitalZoo, we know this point. With Cagri and his project, we gained these skills and experience together he also added a lot of experience to himself as Designer on the road.


Panisa Pani – Graphic designer – Digital Zoo

“I remember hearing about ‘Designer on the road’ was one of the most exciting design news I followed last year. He had been introduced to our office in Chiang Mai, September 2011. Although it was only few weeks at DGZoo, he extremely surprised us by his brilliant work especially the signature yellow wall. It makes me think he must have been one of the coolest designer in Turkey! Not only having an ideal charisma of the designer, what more amazing about him is he adapts himself so well and pleasantly everywhere he goes. Also, he is such a good storyteller and it strongly keeps his routes so observable. I bet everyone will love how he show his experience of different cultures, designs, and people through his blog. Today, I guess he probably inspires of a large number of designers out there already. He a has strong passion of what he is doing and I really respect that. So keep going down the road, reach most of the world’s design offices, and try to be the coolest designer on earth! Big support!


Justin Khuong – Art director – Lowe

“Cagri never ceases to amaze me with his curiosity and energy for life. He’s doing something so great with his Designer on the road project that inspire me to follow my own dreams. And I think it’s his great attitude toward the people, the countries, the cultures, together with his design talent, that takes him everywhere. Everyone in Lowe Vietnam loves him and still talks about him often even when he has gone back for the road. Cagri is one more living proof to me that when there’s a will, there’s always a way.


Vo Tien – Art director at Lowe

With Cagri, maybe I’m not amazed at the works of him. But I’m so amazed of the way he has done his jobs. It’s so much different, so much improvisational. I did wonder where he has gotten the passion and perseverance, because as what you know DESIGNER ON THE ROAD absolutely is not the easy way. He has his own theory about working, about living and about doing the dream. That’s enough for being awesome. Good luck buddy. Traveling forms a young man, right?


Dahae Yi – Industrial designer – Continuum

Cagri, looks like you will be on the road by now! I’m so jealous of what you are doing (Designer on the Road). You are very brave and adventurous to make that decision. It’s very inspiring and it became one of the things I dream about. Thanks Cagri!


Ilya Tolmachev – Founder partner – Flying cafe for semianimals

Cagri is very helpful staff member. He excellent coped with his job – he made artistic textures and logos for gaming halls. I’m glad Designer on the Road made a stop at our Flying Cafe.


Jonny Wu – Graphic designer – Amuse Group

Cagri you are a very passionate and great designer. I am really happy to met you. I will keep checking you by your blog and I want to do the same thing as you do. You changed my life. But I have to improve my English first :)


Alessandro Zanardi - Founder partner – Good Karma Inc.

Cagri is a great designer and an amazing collaborator! He accepts challenges in a constructive way and is quick to adapt to a new environment. His skills go a long way beyond graphics and his creativity is remarkable. Cagri understands your goals and helps to maximize the impact of your communication, while his social attitude and witty humour add a nice touch to the work environment. He’s one of those members that you would always love to have in your team. Give him good food and he will not disappoint you  :)


Freddy Bereciartu – Founder partner – Good Karma Inc.

Cagri is been collaborating with us for the past few weeks in Bali, Indonesia. Good Karma Inc. is really happy with all the result and input under he’s work for the company. The doors of Good Karma Inc. will always be open for a talent & innovate designer like Cagri Cankaya.


Edmond Teh – Marketing Consultant – MAWS

Traveling around the world without money is indeed TOUGH but this guy made it! When I first saw his video in Bali, I really felt like killing him because he looks like he is enjoying there rather than doing what he is suppose to do BUT that was before I really know what he is doing out there. He just ask me to like his Facebook and view his stuff and that is how I misunderstood the whole thing. Anyway overall, he is a great guy, with big dreams (achievable dreams) and I really had a lot of respect for him because not many of us can do what he can. The best thing is, he shares his experience with everyone and I think all of us should learn a thing or two from him because he made a dream into reality. Lastly, I found out something weird about him that is, he always had a dream to jump down from the Petronas Twin Tower…dear friend…you know that is IMPOSSIBLE :p We at MAWS wish you all the best in your journey and we will always support you! Cheers!


Vvhy Yip – Art director – MAWS

Çağrı Çankaya is a dreamcatcher, he do something ordinary compare to normal person. Feel fun when looking on you doing design with only a backpack going around he world, seeing different things. Both of us working together for a MAWS company brochure, although in a short term. But we share our design / ideas together, from there i feel we get different thing from each others. Great working with you this few days. Hope got another chance to work on something special in future. So call collaboration “xxx X xxx”. Haha~ Spicy is enemy for you!! Gotcha!! Have a nice & safe journey to Sri Lanka. Cheers!


Ah Pam – Copy writer @ MAWS

Cagri walked into our office on a Tuesday morning and decided to work with us for two weeks. He’s nice, funny, talented, friendly and kind but I think he is too tall. And he is so bossy, always asking us to DO IT NOW, NOT LATER! Cagri doesn’t like quiet offices and prefers to work in the dark, so we suspect that Cagri is also a vampire with very curly hair.  We miss Cagri at the studio. But you are coming back, right? Going around the world one time is so boring. You should go around the world MANY, MANY TIMES with no money! Yeah! I hope that you’ll continue to have many fun adventures, even when you’re older with bills to pay, with a girlfriend/wife/children and have a steady job. Always be happy OK! Be Happy Now, Not Later! Be safe, and always remember to call your mother. 


Lee Yumiko – Interactive web designer – MAWS

“3 WEEKS?!! Is not a long or short period, but, pretty quickly passed. “Are you living your dreams?” – Designer On The Road, AWESOME, COOL, IMPRESSIVE. I didn’t know much about it on the beginning, but after I checked facebook page and website. Ohho… he is a freaking funny guy. Cagri, friendly, nice, gentleman guy, we founded sticky group, have fun, share our photo together and telling story. Haha. He do everything he want if that is possible, no matter what.. doesn’t care about it, and always with his slogan “DO IT NOW NOT LATER” or “I’m designer on the road”. He is tough, never give up on his journey, I should learn more and more from him. I started missed you when you leave MAWS. We play together, lunch together, wish to do all the crazy stuff with you, anyway, I’m glad have such a chance to meet you and hanging out with you, although just a few days. Yeah, I’m waiting for your card from Sri Lanka and your story…story…story..and story! Thanks for sharing about your experience and your double souvenir. Have a safe journey and take care all the way, support you always. ba ba ba…. ba ba na na…  :)”


Freya D’Almeida – Senior Brand Executive – Mc Cann Erickson

I think Cagri is very brave to undertake such a unique project. I truly admire his sense of adventure and fearlessness. It’s a great way to see the world and meet different and interesting individuals. I love meeting people from different parts of the world and different walks of life, so I really enjoyed meeting Cagri. He shared some interesting stories with us about his adventures. I wish him the best of luck in his future work and travels!


Rommel Arumugam – Art director – Mc Cann Erickson

This guy really knows his stuff! He’s like the Marco Polo of design. The other day we were watching MIB3, and I said to him “You should be a time travelling designer, not just travelling from country to country”.  But seriously, the guy has been an inspiration, just to see him work and to see where he draws his genius from is awesome to watch. But he’s never let it get to his head – He’s one of the sincerest human beings I’ve met. Well, so far. :P Pity he’s only staying 3 weeks! He has a brilliant sense of adventure and I wish him the best, in whatever unforeseen adventures he has! :)


Sadisha Kariyawasam – Senior Brand Executive - Mc Cann Erickson

Cagri a designer who travels from country to country, gaining more experience, understanding different cultures and creating wonders in design. You are truly a very talented designer on the road! All the very best! Hope you will get a chance to visit us again!


Chadini Fernando – Copywriter - Mc Cann Erickson

A few random things:

  • I think Cagri’s work and his ideas are just awesome!
  • We all had a hard time pronouncing his name so he is fondly referred to as Charlie by some!
  • He made us try this Turkish alcohol which made my head hurt!
  • He should definitely visit Lanka again so we could show him around a bit more, maybe take him to the beach and all that! (Seriously come see us again!)
  • His idea of traveling around the world only with the power of design (Designer on the road) is simply brilliant!
  • All in all, he’s easy to work with, laidback and super chilled! He really is a Turkish Delight! :)


Jacques Oberholzer – New Media Director – Now Boarding

It’s been a great privilege to have Cagri Cankaya here as Designer on the road. He brought a very international feeling to the agency and he has been able to work on some cool jobs. In his 2 weeks here he showed a very fresh and original approach to identity and communication design. I wish him well as his journey continues.


Michel Brink – Creative Director – Now Boarding

I think the coolest thing about designer on the road is the fact that as designer we are in the business of creating communication, but interacting with so many cultures, languages and so many different people… Each person has its own way of saying something and experiencing all that will eventually make you a better communicator because you know to do it better than everybody else. We worked on 2 logos with him, a poster and a website project. All of these works appeared with a highly international style which is good for our company as well.


Marco De Sousa – Art Director – Now Boarding

Cagri! You are f… brave dude… Going around the world with design… Try getting a credit chick after all these done :) You are fabulous dude. I hope you win!


Ricardo Arce – Creative Director – Inter Design Graphics

I think designer on the road is a very interesting project and we are glad to be a part of this project. We have worked with Cha Cha for some of our own projects such as our identity cards and Barcamp and some application development for one of our clients. We had excellent results. We are very thankful about his work and I wish him luck on his amazing journey.


Neftali Loria – Creative Director – Quazar

Well first impression when I received Cagri’s e-mail, I read that he was inviting us to join his world trip project. As a small team in Costa Rica we really liked the idea. Me personally, I was super excited because I really loved the idea that he was doing without even know who he was. I said WOW what is this about? And checked his blog and I discovered his experiences videos and all the things he has done during his trip. The idea itself I think it’s amazing. It’s giving that ability to let designers destroying the limits and borders. He is doing something that most of us would say it’s impossible. I’m really impressed by the courage and the fact that he actually did it. He said f….! to everybody and he did it! This is something that really inspires me and I think it will inspire a lot of other designers as well. I think he is gonna use all the experience he gained very wisely. All the young designers will learn something from him. That’s how I see him.


Royzanne Kampher – Brand manager – Arctic Circle

I think that designer on the road project is a very good project and I am really proud of you that you keep it for so long time. I would give it up long time ago as I told you before. It’s difficult to be away from home I know that and that’s why I really respect you. It must be really hard to be away from home for so long time and still keep being energetic, excited every day and doing your thing with passion… Very proud of you… From now on we will be following your every step of the way. Never lose your faith on your project and we are sure that you will see the end. I really enjoyed my time to work with you here. In my first briefing meeting with you, you just caught everything we need in a second and I was really surprised because we were dealing with a project which is all about Africa and you just got it like a lightning. No extra explanations or no extra meetings were needed, you just did it and it was all practically perfect. I also checked your other works which you did before coming here and they were also amazing so keep up with that… And the skydiving… Woww WOWW WOOOOWWWW! I knew you are crazy before but you are even crazier than I thought :) Good luck and please be safe… Be careful about the crazy girls from the office. Don’t drink too hard tonight. Please.


Nelson Velayo – Art Director – Arctic Circle

Designer on the road. when I first heard about it I thought it is the coolest thing I have ever seen. Learning about design from one place to other is great. Also learning from the community from all around the world is amazing. I think the project is absolutely amazing. It’s crazy. Actually I wish I could do that. I think it’s the best way to learn about design and everything else. Once you came in and we got to meet you and we started talking, then I found that you are actually very cool and interesting guy. I think you are a very cool person to connect with even though I couldn’t have the chance to meet and drink something with you. Then I checked the works you have done during your trip and I saw the amazing stuff. You can clearly see that you learned a lot from all these places, not from only one place. And the idea of skydiving is really scares me away because I had never jumped out from an airplane. I hope you gonna be fine and I really respect that. I think you will be a great inspiration to everywhere you go so please keep it up.


Frank B. Kalala – Art Director – Arctic Circle

To me, Designer on the road is really inspiring. Ok there are many people making world trip for different reasons. But this is all about design and that’s why it is so special to me. I would like to see what is going on in all these countries and all other agencies. It must be a breathtaking experience to see all these differences about how they work and do things. I have seen a lot of shows about models or anything but I have never seen a show about design. So that’s another reason about why Designer on the road is really unique and nice to me. And we had Designer on the road in our agency for 2 weeks here. It was a good experience. We were really surprised to have you here instead of all the other agencies in Cape Town. You are coming here from a really far place. I mean Turkey is quite away from here. We will keep contact from blog and facebook page for sure. About skydiving. I never did it and I don’t think I can. Because I really afraid of height but maybe I should to it to overcome my fears. Great stuff man.


Decia Seloane – Brand Manager – Arctic Circle

Designer on the road is very amazing and I think it is a very brave and enlightening project. He is traveling around the world, meeting with people from different countries and yes he is a great designer, a little bit crazy because he is going to do a skydiving and he is going to design a logo during skydiving. Let’s see what he can pull off. Cha Cha is a great guy and it’s been great to have him around. I just hope he has learned a lot from South African lifestyle and craziness. Be great!


Diego Cano – Production Manager – Havas

Hey bro! It was a really pleasure to meet with you. You are a great person and someday I will do the same thing you do. Don’t forget me and you know that you have a friend in Medellin. Good vibes my friend.


Susana Irula – Creative Director – Publicidad Comercial Lowe

Cagri came to Publicidad Comercial Honduras with an interesting life philosophy that stirred a bug inside all of our heads. Our two weeks with Cagri became a feast of ideas, a mind shift from paradigms that made us think as young adventurous Indiana style explorers instead of boring day to day advertisers. We sometimes forget that life is full of possibilities and wait patiently in our 2×2 meters cubicles for something exciting to happen. Well, that “something exciting” has to be chased and persecuted until we feel its power. The global power of change of something bigger than ourselves or the spinning earth below our feet. The world needs people who want to explore its inner core, It’s people, it’s voice. Thank you Cagri for making us realize we need to become the people that want to feel, love, and explore. We want to re-know when the world spins.


David Waimin – Graphic Designer – Publicidad Comercial Lowe

 As the typical voice in your head that often comes and tell you: “Live! There is more in this life than what you know!” When you are sitting at your desk, running through the orders of the day, that’s the way Cagri came to us. Instead, he really thought us a lesson of life. He does everything that each of us would have ever dreamed of. Discover, travel, meet with people and cultures, learn new ways of thinking and approaching problems in the way. I see Cha Cha as an inspiration. A great person. a master designer and in spite of his short time here, a great friend.


Lia Zavala – Senior Copywriter – Publicidad Comercial Lowe

You never imagine to meet someone, who can embody the “impossible is nothing” tagline from adidas. Well, Cagri is that person for me. I’m really honored that I could spend my time with this guy. Fun, outgoing and mostly creative personality and a clear example that you can do the things you feel most passionate about with a good idea and some courage that takes to make them happen. Besides his fabulous work, I enjoyed his company, his experiments, adventures and discoveries around the world. I am waiting for his next super project which will be done for sure. Keep the passion alive and I’ll try to follow your lead! Thanks for your visit and you are more than welcome to come again and visit the rest of this beautiful little piece of land. Or what do we know? Maybe we meet again in Turkey…


Jose Roserro Irula – Creative Director – Lowe

Designer on the road is not a good idea. I think it is the best idea ever! Not just for the trip; for all the experience. The work of Cha Cha is not a work only. It’s a lifestyle. The kind of lifestyle we all dream of. We are all very happy to have him in the agency. Don’t forget your friends in El Salvador. I wish all your dreams come true. I don’t wish you a good life only. I wish you a vidaza! Peace bro!


Jorge Cortez – Art Director – Lowe

Well Designer on the road is something hard to talk about. So I want to talk about you instead, you are a great person and i know we always gonna remember you as a “cerote!” Do every project and keep doing things in your own way! Nice to meet you Cha Cha P.S: Drink like a man! 


Maria Isabel Sanchez – Copywriter – Havas

People like you, leave a big smile in everyone’s face because your charisma and beautiful way of life leave footprint in every hearth… Sure! I couldn’t have time to check your blog yet, but I will do it for sure. Sorry my English is too bad I know. Have a good trip. I am really happy to know you.


Sebestian Hincapie – Graphic Designer – Havas

Ok I have some problems with English but a language is not an inconvenient to have good feeling with Cagri. I think his project is just an approach that “when we do things with passion the results are always much better”. His lifestyle is making me envy. The professionalism, discipline, and humor make him an incredible person. Good Luck!


Victor Romirez – Creative Director – Havas

It is great to know people that have a different point of view about our profession. That wasn’t a surprise when I see works of Cha Cha. In every task he does, he shows experience and brings a great result. Congratulations for your ideas that help us for a new relationship with our clients. Good luck and welcome when you decide to come back again.


Carlos Perez – Art Director – Publicidad Comercial

Cha Cha the best!