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Now Boarding is now boarding with DOTR

Designer on the road is in Now Boarding digital advertising and design agency located in Cape Town, South Africa. Well I am gonna miss these guys from Now Boarding. Thanks to them for lovely house, showing me around and giving me nice projects.

Designer on the road 3. rotas覺n覺n ilk dura覺 olan Cape Town’da 2 farkl覺 ajansta 癟al覺t覺. Bunlardan ilki olan Now Boarding’den g繹r羹nt羹ler ite burada. Now Boarding’e beni sada solda gezdirdikleri i癟in, g羹zel bir ev tuttuklar覺 i癟in ve g羹zel iler verdikleri i癟in de ayr覺ca teekk羹r ederim.

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