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Nothing works well about Avianca


You remember when I was in Sao Paulo, 2800 dollars gone from my bag, Avianca people, they told me to contact with the company via their official website. Yes I tried to do it many times last 2 days. However it doesn’t even work. There is a contact and complain form in the website. However it doesn’t work too. It’s just there as a decoration. Another thing is I asked the supervisor’s e-mail who I talked with in Sao Paulo Airport. However I can’t reach to him as well cause he gave me a wrong e-mail address. Honestly Avianca, what kind of an airline company are you?

Avianca ile ilgili hi癟 bir ey 癟al覺m覺yor. Sao Paulo’da bulunan Avianca g繹revlileri web sitesi yard覺m覺yla irketle iletiime ge癟memi 繹nermilerdi. Sitede bir ikayet formu varm覺. Sao Paulo havaalan覺nda internet bile yok. Eve geldim bakt覺m evet var ikayet formu. Doldurdum 繹zenle, her eyi yazd覺m a癟覺klad覺m. G繹nder tuuna bast覺m ki ne g繹reyim. Hata! G繹ndermiyor. Tekrar tekrar denedim. Daha k覺sa yazmay覺 eklentili ya da eklentisiz g繹ndermeyi denedim ama hi癟 bir ekilde bu form 癟al覺m覺yordu. Sonra Sao Paulo’da e-mail adresini bana veren o s羹pervizor arkadaa mail at覺y覺m dedim. Att覺m. 2 dakika sonra mail bana geri d繹nd羹. Meer o da yanl覺 e-mail vermi. Avianca! Sen nas覺l bir havayolusun arkada…

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