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Last raki party in Bali

When I was leaving from Bali. I left the rest of my rak覺 to my friend Patricia. Because she was the one who loved it most. Actually there was only a quarter bottle rak覺 left. A couple days ago she sent me this picture about how they make a party in the house with a quarter bottle rak覺. :) How amazing is this!! She also did the editing just like me. I didn’t combine these photos like this. She did it! Thanks Patty!

Bali’den ayr覺l覺rken iede kalan 癟eyrek rak覺y覺 orada Patricia ad覺nda bir arkadaa hediye ettim. 羹nk羹 rak覺y覺 en 癟ok o sevmiti. Bir ka癟 g羹n 繹nce posta kutuma bu fotoraf geldi. Patricia 癟eyrek rak覺yla evine arkadalar覺n覺 davet etmi, parti vermiti. 襤te bu fotoraflar覺 da 癟ekip bana ayn覺 benim yapt覺覺m gibi montajlam覺 g繹ndermi. Resmen duyguland覺m. Teekk羹rler Patty!

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