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Die Antwoord

This is an interesting South African band. They are quite popular here. Actually they moved to U.S to make some bigger projects there but when I first saw their videos. I said what the hell is that? Quite different style though. Good to share here.Its lead vocalists are Ninja and Yo-Landi Vi$$er. They are not married but living together and have a child maybe two, I’m not sure. You will see them in their videos as well. Here are the videos.

Biraz da G羹ney Afrika m羹ziinden bahsedelim. Tamam bu pek geleneksel m羹zik anlay覺覺na uymayacak ama Die Antwoord belki de buradan 癟覺kan en 癟覺lg覺n grup olabilir. 襤lk g繹rd羹羹mde bu ne karde dememe yol a癟an acayip videolar覺n覺 da sizlerle paylamak istedim. Bu arada Bu ikili ayn覺 zamanda sevgililer hatta evlilik d覺覺 癟ocuklar覺 da var. Kliplerde zaten hep kendileri ve 癟ocuklar覺n覺 g繹receksiniz.

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