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Designer on the road “theme song” is coming!


Well it’s been more than 2 months I am back in Turkey. I just started to design my new route but I was busy with some other things. Visiting universities and making design talks was only one of them. The other one was a “theme song” for Designer on the road. (Yes a real song!) After 3 months ofcollaborationwith my dear friend Burcu Erba we finally finished the song. I would like to thank her for writing and composing this great song for me. Arranger Serkan S繹nmez did such a great job as well. Guitarists An覺l Bask覺 and Levent Solakolu played the song with full effort to make it as cool as possible with classic and electro guitars and they did it for sure! Thank you guys! You are AWESOME!

Sevgili arkada覺m besteci-m羹zisyen ve reklam yazar覺 Burcu Erba’覺n s繹z ve bestesini yazd覺覺 proje ark覺m “git dedi bana” 3 ayd覺r 羹zerinde y羹r羹tt羹羹m羹z ortak 癟al覺malar neticesinde tamamland覺!Emei ge癟en herkese teekk羹r ederim…ark覺n覺n yarat覺c覺s覺 Burcu Erba’a, aranj繹r Serkan S繹nmez’e, klasik Gitar i癟in An覺l Bask覺’ya, elektro gitar i癟in Levent Solakolu’na samimiyetle teekk羹rler… Hepiniz harikayd覺n覺z. Burcu 3 ayd覺r kafan覺 iirdiim ve s羹re癟 boyunca hep teredd羹tl羹 olduum i癟in beni affet! ark覺ma bay覺l覺yorum ve seni 癟ok 繹p羹yorum!

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