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I Have Things To Tell

Dudes and Dudettes, I have been talking in universities for a while. It’s an amazing feeling to share my design adventures with young talented design students across the country. Plus it’s a great way to keep my self on the road as well. It’s been around 30 universities till now and still counting. Here are the some photos of the latest ones I visited. Beside those university talks I have been a member of a speakers agency. So I will be visiting companies and events as well. Let me know if you are interested to call me in for your school or company, event etc…

To see more of my talks, please have a visit to :

Sevgili dostlar, Bir s羹redir 3 senelik d羹nya turumda yaad覺klar覺m覺 羹lkemin gen癟leriyle payla覺yorum. Gen癟lerle harika vakit ge癟iriyorum. Yaad覺klar覺m覺 paylamak, onlar覺n yapt覺klar覺ma olan hayranl覺覺 ve ilgisi inan覺lmaz bir keyif. Tarif edilmez bir mutluluk. Onlara yararl覺 olmak, ilham vermek hikayemin devam覺 i癟in 癟ok g羹zel bir yol. B繹ylece hem k羹癟羹k bir T羹rkiye turu da yapm覺 oluyorum. T羹m bu konumalar kesik kesik de olsa hala yolda olmam覺 sal覺yor. niversite konumalar覺 d覺覺nda bir de konumac覺 ajans覺na kay覺tl覺y覺m. Bu da iyi haber 癟羹nk羹 kendi aktivitelerine, programlar覺na oradan konumac覺 arayan irketler de beni davet edebiliyor olacaklar. Motivasyon artt覺r覺c覺, gaza getirici, yarat覺c覺l覺覺 ve 癟al覺kanl覺覺 esprili bir yakla覺mla sorgulayan son keynote sunumum “I have things to tell / Anlatacaklar覺m var”覺 dinlemek i癟in benimle iletiime ge癟in. (sunumum kahkaha garantilidir) :)

T羹m dier sunumlar覺 g繹rmek i癟in


Faruk Sara癟 Design Academy – Bursa


TOBB university – Ankara


襤zmir University of Economics – 襤zmir


ukurova University – GRAADA – Adana

Beyond Istanbul

Do you remember Nefty? My dear super awesome Costa Rican (Tiko) friend. He came to visit me in Istanbul last winter and I helped him to make a nice video named “I love B繹rek” in Istanbul. This time he came again in a better session with better weather conditions and we wanted to take things to the next level, so we decided to go beyond Istanbul this time. We have visited Cappadocia, 襤zmir, eme, Ala癟at覺, Bursa and captured quite nice footage on the road as usual. Here is a small film about our experience on the road with Nefty. By the time he moved to India to shot another epic film there and we wish to travel together again sometime later.

Nefty’i hat覺rl覺yor musunuz? Kosta Rikal覺 dostum Nefty 襤stanbul’a ilk geldiinde “I love B繹rek” adl覺 bir Istanbul videosu haz覺rlam覺t覺k. 襤te o Nefty gene buralardayd覺. Bu sefer havan覺n daha g羹zel olmas覺yla olay覺 bi t覺k b羹y羹tmek i癟in 襤stanbul’un da d覺覺na 癟覺karak Kapadokya, 襤zmir, eme, Ala癟at覺 ve Bursa’y覺 gezdik. Kapadokya’da bir g羹nde hem balonla u癟up yerden y羹zlerce metre yukarda hem de yer alt覺 ehirlerini kefederken y羹zlerce metre aa覺da 癟ekim yapt覺k. Daha sonra orada edindiimiz amele yan覺klar覺n覺 dengelemek i癟in kendimizi eme’nin serin sular覺na b覺rak覺p yolculuu Bursa’da yediimiz 襤skender Kebap ile ta癟land覺rd覺k. T羹m bunlar覺 yaparken tabi ki kameralar覺m覺z kay覺ttayd覺. 襤te yakalad覺klar覺m覺zdan k羹癟羹k bir film. “Beyond Istanbul” Umar覺m seversiniz.

11220054_10153075570326476_8838598618325044468_n copy 11825861_10153076078916476_7649552416097966993_n copy

11181210_10153090009446476_3189044727887155113_n11825880_10153074236856476_4993774404810022730_n 11831656_10153071969396476_4598282981111207419_n



Here is another stupid video we made just for fun :) We just heard that weird song in a club and keep singing all the way with no reason. Dancing part came apart simultaneously.

Bi gece elenmeye gittiimiz mekanda bu garip ark覺 癟al覺nca akl覺m覺za dilimize dolan覺p b羹t羹n yol bunu s繹ylememize yol a癟t覺. E bu durumdan geyik bir video yapmazsak da ay覺p olurdu pek tabi.

Best thing of my life. Being “Designer on the road”


Road, is the longing of people who could not find a place for himself in sedentariness. Especially the greatest journeys has appeared as a result of the great depressions. We see this most of the time when we look at the greatest travelersin the history. I remembered this when I read a newspaper wrote a man can commit suicide or try this about me. It was true. My life was a disaster. I was unhappy with everything in my life. If I could be just a bit happier this trip would never happened. Since I was at the bottom, I was fearless. I said to myself, what could go any worse than now? So I took all the risks and put myself on the road for a 3 years world trip.

There was many things to look for when I was starting. I was searching for new business possibilities, new works, new women, new lessons, new tastes and a brand new life. Absolute freedom. But I never thought that I will find a completely new me. I think it was the biggest surprise of my world trip. I was another man before my trip. Road changed me a lot and I think I have lived more than many 60 years old in my 30.

Designer on the road became much bigger and more effected than I thought. Traveling with no money by working in design agencies was the greatest system for me to develop myself. Imagine that you won the lottery and you are traveling around the world. Your communication with people will automatically will go down. You dont need to talk with people when you have money. Staying in 5 stars hotels will give you similar experiences all around the world. In the other hand, I have to talk with people. I work with them, I eat where they eat, I go where they go, we travel together, we become friends and we create together. This was the best part of the story but also it was the reason why it is very challenging. Beside of working in the agencies I had to post my blog in two languages every day. Managing social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram was another thing. I had to travel a lot and take pictures, record videos. Then edit them and publish them in everywhere. Upload videos to Youtube and Vimeo. Writing articles for two design magazines per month and answering some interviews all the time. It was harder but I loved it more than my ex life. Sometimes I was sick of recording things and taking pictures. Sometimes I wanted to live the moment. Just look with my own eyes. Not with a camera lens.

More to that my system of traveling required to adapt a new system every month. Starting a brand new life every single time. In the beginning it was super excited. Sounds very cool too. But later on it became my nightmare. New friends, new clients, new agency, new language, new currency, a new pillow and many things to adapt to. I had to restart my life every single time over and over again. It wanted to talk deeper, know people better, I was bored answering the same questions about my trip, bored of similar conversations with girls. Learning about them over and over again. It was like a curse. Leaving everybody behind and move on. Its like being immortal and have to live on without your loved ones every time.

I never knew where I stay or how much money they pay me. Didnt ask a lot of questions to companies. I went to every agency that just told me to come. So there were times I was sleeping in super luxury hotels and there were times that I was sleeping in the subway station. In some places I was a rock star. I was popular and famous. In some countries I was nobody. No one gave a shit about me. I have been loved and I have been left. I got death threat and also wedding proposal. My journey took me to the top of life and take me down back like a theme park machine. Again and again I was always at the edges of life. And it was a big exam for my psychology. Gave me solid rock nerves.

I learned trusting people everywhere I go. Sometimes bad things happened. I have been sick many times. Poisoned, had gastric bleed, my wallet was stolen, my shoes were lost in a temple, my stuff stolen by an airway company, I lost 2800 dollars saved money from the trips, lived broke, stayed hungry for 2 days and an agency who changed its mind and left me alone in Dubai with no money.

But my good times were bright as the summer sun as well. Designed a logo while skydiving, being a real game character, being on the cover of magazines, newspapers and talk shows worldwide, scuba diving in Bali, paragliding in the night of Medellin, I gave a speech in TEDx and 27 different universities or platforms, I was chosen the best living man on earth by a magazine and many other things like these. Experiencing all the local exotic adventures and activities with amazing people around the world. Rising our glasses and cheers to the worlds magic. Meeting with super talented people and create with them.

Road makes life extreme and full of surprises. Gives you new things in all cases. It is not your comfort zone. Thats why its so special. Because comfort is boring. It comes with monotony. Its your everyday life. The more your days become similar, it becomes harder to remember them and they become more monotonous. Meanwhile being on the road is freedom, doing whatever you want and whenever you want. No one knows your past on the road. It gives you clean white pages to write on…

But this is exactly why it is not possible to live like this all lifelong. Its not healthy mentally and physically.

Making a world trip with design power was one of my dreams. I think I succeed it and now I have to focus on other ones as well to not to miss life.

Dont get me wrong. This is not a goodbye message. Its just a modification on Designer on the roads journey. There are still many trips to make for me. Schools to talk, events to participate, a book to write, an exhibition to plan, a design studio to launch and many other crazy new stuff…

In the beginning, nobody believed me to make Designer on the road project 3 years ago. The things I need were all about myself. Courage, risk, portfolio and self-will. Now I need other people co-operation, money and right people for the things. Now they are much bigger, harder and complicated. But everybody has a belief on me now. So its interesting to have this pressure on me. The problem is I always fly so high and sometimes I am not even sure what is actually possible or not. Hope everything goes well.

We will see what will future bring together. While I was writing these words, Designer on the road Facebook page reached 12.378 followers from 128 countries of the world. Its way too much than I imagined. I would like to thank you to be a part of my trips. Supporting me with likes, comments, or messages. They gave me strength and joy depending on my mood and helped me to stay on the road. Thanks for sharing the beauty of the world and friendship with me. More awesomeness on the road and lets keep in touch.

See you on the road…


Yol, kendine bir yer bulamam覺 kiinin 繹zlemidir. Kendi yerini yerleiklikte bulamayan kii, onu yolculukta arar. zellikle 癟ok b羹y羹k yolculuklar b羹y羹k buhranlar sonucu 癟覺km覺t覺r hep. Tarihin en 繹nemli gezginlerine bakt覺覺m覺zda hep bu t羹r hikayeler kefederiz. Benim i癟in insan ya intihar eder ya da bunu dener yazan gazeteyi okuyunca d羹羹nd羹羹m de buydu. Hayat覺mdan az覺c覺k daha memnun olsam muhtemelen bu yolculuk hi癟 bir zaman olmayacakt覺. Dibe deip bir boy vermeniz laz覺m hayatta. Ben oradayd覺m. Dipteydim, dolay覺s覺yla da korkusuzdum. Daha k繹t羹 ne olabilir ki diye d羹羹n羹p t羹m riskleri ald覺m ve kendimi 3 y覺l s羹ren bir d羹nya turunun i癟inde buldum.

Yola 癟覺karken 癟ok ey bulmak ve kefetmek vard覺 akl覺mda. Yeni iler, yeni arkadalar, yeni ilikiler, yeni kad覺nlar, yeni dersler, yeni tatlar, yeni 繹retiler ve olabildiince 繹zg羹rl羹k… Hi癟 beklemediimse yeni bir bendi. Yolun bana verdii en b羹y羹k s羹rpriz san覺r覺m bu oldu. Nedense, 3 y覺l覺n sonunda bambaka biri olaca覺m覺 hi癟 d羹羹nmemitim. Sonu癟ta bu 羹癟 y覺ll覺k s羹re癟te 繹rendiim, Ne kadar uzun yaad覺覺m覺z deil, ne yaad覺覺m覺zd覺, bir baka deyile, nicelik deil nitelikti. 30 ya覺ma g羹nler kala, 60 ya覺ndaki 癟ou insandan daha 癟ok ey yaad覺覺m覺 ve g繹rd羹羹m羹 d羹羹n羹yor ve bunun hazz覺n覺 ya覺yorum.

Hikayenin en ba覺na d繹necek olursak, Designer on the roadun etkileri parayla elde edilemez nitelikteydi. 羹nk羹 paran覺z varsa insanlarla iletiim kurma gerekliliiniz otomatikman d羹er. Kimseyle konumak zorunda deilsinizdir. 5 y覺ld覺zl覺 otellerde yatar, turistik yerlerde heykel fotoraf覺 癟eker otelinize d繹nerseniz. Bense her gittiim yerde yerel olmak zorundayd覺m. 襤e gitmek, insanlarla konumak ve onlarla 癟al覺mak, 羹retmek projemin yaamsal bir par癟as覺yd覺. Onlarla yiyor, onlarla geziyordum. Turistik bir geziden 癟ok daha derin bir deneyimdi. Ajanslarda 癟al覺mak d覺覺nda her g羹n 2 dilde blog yazmak, facebook ve dier sosyal medya hesaplar覺na i癟erik girmek, oralar覺 kontrol etmek, bolca gezmek, s羹rekli fotoraf ve video 癟ekmek. T羹m bunlar覺 editlemek ve yay覺na haz覺r hale getirmek, videolar覺 Youtube ve Vimeo gibi platformlara y羹klemek, her ay 2 dergide yazmak, yak覺nlar覺ma ve takip癟ilere her 羹lkeden kartlar atmak ve 癟eitli r繹portajlar覺 cevaplamak gibi youn bir i y羹k羹 de projenin bir baka zor taraf覺yd覺. Bu bazen sadece an覺 yaama istediimi engelliyordu. Oysa bazen, etrafa viz繹rden deil uzun uzun g繹zlerimle bakmay覺, kamera ta覺mamay覺 istiyordum.

Ayr覺ca yaant覺m her ay yeni bir sisteme adapte olmak demekti. Her ay baka bir hayata yeniden balamakt覺. Bata 癟ok g羹zeldi, tahmin ettiiniz gibi heyecan verici, fakat bu durum zaman ge癟tik癟e benim kabusum olmaya balad覺. Her ay yeni arkadalar, yeni isimler, yeni ajans, yeni m羹teriler, yeni dil, yeni para birimi, yeni bir yast覺k… Tam 繹reniyordum ki yeniden format at覺l覺yordu yaam覺ma. Art覺k ayn覺 insanla fotoraflar覺m olsun istiyordum. Birileri i癟in kal覺c覺 olmak, tekrar tekrar havaalan覺nda el sallamamak istiyordum. Daha derin sohbetlere ge癟ebilmeyi istiyordum. Her seferinde ayn覺 sorulara ayn覺 cevaplar覺 vermekten g覺na gelmiti. K覺zlar覺n bur癟lar覺n覺 繹renmekten yorulmutum… Gece tuvalete kalkt覺覺mda bir 繹nceki evin plan覺na g繹re y羹r羹d羹羹m i癟in kafam覺 duvarlara toslamaktan aptal olmutum. Devaml覺 yeni insanlarla tan覺mak tabi ki harikayd覺, ama s羹rekli onlara veda etmek bir 癟eit lanet gibiydi. The man from earth filminde 繹l羹ms羹z olup herkesini kaybeden ve hep yaln覺z kalan karaktere benziyordum. Bir dier laf覺 da getiriyordu bu durum akl覺ma: Yuvarlanan ta yosun tutmaz. San覺r覺m biraz k繹k salabilmek istiyordum art覺k t羹m bu birikimle, bilgiyle… G羹venle ve isteyerek. Doyarak.

Gittiim yerlerin hi癟 biri bana ne kadar para vereceini a癟覺klamad覺, nerede kalaca覺m ise son dakikaya kadar me癟huld羹. Olay覺n bu k覺sm覺na kar覺 g繹sterdiim cesarete bazen ben de a覺r覺yorum. 襤leri 繹nceden ayarl覺yordum ama nerede kalaca覺m覺 hi癟 bir zaman sorgulamad覺m ya da bu konuda 癟eitli standartlar komad覺m. Maa i癟in de bu durum ge癟erliydi. Gitmem i癟in “Tamam gel !” demeleri yeterliydi. Ne bir anlama ne de bir belge istiyordum.

Sonu癟ta, 癟ok l羹ks otel odalar覺nda konaklad覺覺m da oldu. Her t羹r yabani hayvan覺n birbirini yedii bir evde kald覺覺m da. Kendime 繹zel havuzlu villam da oldu. Metro istasyonunda uyumak zorunda olduum da. Baz覺 yerlerde bir rock y覺ld覺z覺ndan farks覺zd覺m. Baz覺 yerlerdeyse kimsenin umrunda deildim. Bazen su alacak paran覺n hesab覺n覺 yap覺yor bazense l羹ks biftek restoranlar覺nda arab覺m覺 yudumluyordum. Bazen 癟ok sevildim, bazen terk edildim. l羹m tehdidi de ald覺m, evlilik teklifi de… T羹m bu ani iniler 癟覺k覺lar beni 癟ok g羹zel tokatlad覺. Psikolojim 癟ok temiz s覺nand覺. Yol beni ald覺, defalarca en tepeden en dibe vurdu. Bir lunapark aleti gibi tekrar yukar覺 癟覺kar覺p tekrar en aa覺 indirdi. Hem de say覺s覺z defa 25 farkl覺 羹lkede.

Her gittiim yeni yerde, insanlara g羹vendim. G羹venmeyi 繹rendim. Bazen k繹t羹 eyler de oldu. Hastal覺klar, kaybolan bir kamera, 癟al覺nan bir c羹zdan, mide kanamas覺, g覺da zehirlenmesi, tif羹s vir羹s羹, tap覺nakta 癟al覺nan ayakkab覺lar, paras覺zl覺k, 2 g羹n tamamen a癟 kalmak, g羹nlerce s羹ren uykusuz yolculuklar, doland覺r覺c覺 bir 癟etenin oyunu, bir trafik kazas覺, bavulumu a癟覺p eyalar覺m覺 癟alan bir havayolu irketi, yolda biriken 2800 dolar paran覺n d繹n羹te 癟al覺nmas覺, fikrini deitirip beni Dubai gibi s羹per pahal覺 bir ehirde 5 kurusuz b覺rakan bir ajans ve bunun gibi niceleri…

Bu yolculukta, karanl覺k zamanlar覺m ne kadar zifiriyse, iyi g羹nlerim de o kadar parlakt覺. U癟aktan atlay覺p logo tasarlamaktan ger癟ek bir oyun karakterine d繹n羹meye, dergi kapaklar覺ndan talk showlara komaya, y覺l覺n en iyi yaayan adam覺 se癟ilmekten, ulusal televizyon kar覺s覺nda boalardan ka癟maya, Bali sular覺nda t羹pl羹 dal覺tan, Medellin dalar覺ndan gece para羹tle atlamaya, 27 farkl覺 tasar覺m irketinde 癟al覺maktan, 25 tasar覺m okulunda sunum yapmaya, TEDx sahnesine 癟覺kmaktan ya da Costa Rica 覺rmaklar覺nda raftinge kadar t羹m egzotik maceralar覺, yemekleri, meyve sular覺n覺, kokteylleri denemek, g羹vendiiniz dostlarla 羹lke 羹lke kadeh kald覺rmak ve d羹nyan覺n muhteemliine i癟mek… D羹nyan覺n her noktas覺ndan arkadalara sahip olmak. Muhteem ve ilham verici insanlarla tan覺mak ve hikayelerine ortak olmak…

Yol beni hep u癟larda yaatt覺. Seyyah adam覺n kaderidir bu. Yolu 繹zel yapand覺r. Keza konforlu g羹nler monoton olanlard覺r. Monotonsa hep s覺radand覺r. S覺k覺c覺d覺r. G羹nleriniz birbirine benzedii oranda hat覺rlanmaz olurlar. U癟larda yaamaksa yorucudur, daha tehlikelidir, risk i癟erir ama t羹m g羹zel hikayeler ve an覺lar oradad覺r. Yolda her g羹n羹n羹z yeni bir macerad覺r. Yol 繹zg羹rl羹kt羹r. Dilediini, dilediin ekilde yapmakt覺r, kimsenin ge癟miini bilmemesidir, 繹zg羹rce karalayabildiin beyaz sayfalard覺r.

Fakat tam da bu y羹zden m羹mk羹n deildir hayat boyu b繹yle yaamak. Hem zihnen hem de bedenen sal覺kl覺 deil b繹ylesi, en az覺ndan bu kadar a覺r覺.

Hayalim… Tasar覺mla d羹nya turu benim bir hayalimdi. Baard覺覺ma da inan覺yorum. Hayat覺 ka癟覺rmamak ve imdi biraz dier hayallere eilmek gerek. Bu ekilde bir hayat覺n bir tak覺m 癟ok a覺r baka bedelleri var 癟羹nk羹.

Yanl覺 anla覺lmas覺n bu ne bir son ne de bir veda. Sadece bir kabuk deiimi. Zaten seyahat ii mafyaya benzer. Bir kere girdiniz mi art覺k 癟覺k覺 yoktur. Designer on the road i癟in gidilecek okullar, (yar覺n Uluda 羹niversitesi) yap覺lacak 癟al覺taylar, konuulacak organizasyonlar var. Yaz覺lacak bir kitap, a癟覺lacak bir sergi, kurulacak bir tasar覺m st羹dyosu ve daha bir s羹r羹 “癟覺lg覺n proje” var.

襤lgin癟tir ki, Designer on the road i癟in tek gerekli ey benim kiisel 癟abam, cesaretim ve portfolyomdu. Fakat balarken kimse bana inanmam覺t覺. Yeni planlar覺mda ise baka insanlar覺n g羹c羹ne, ekip 癟al覺mas覺na ve paraya ihtiyac覺m var. Dolay覺s覺yla daha zor ve benim kontrol羹m羹n d覺覺nda bir tak覺m dinamiklere sahip olmalar覺na ramen herkes harika bir inanca sahip. Sen her eyi yapars覺n gaz覺n覺n bask覺s覺n覺 omuzlar覺mda ta覺yorum.

Umar覺m her ey harikal覺 olur. Ben bu sat覺rlar覺 yazarken Hi癟 bir 羹r羹n ya da hizmet satmayan, kendi ba覺na d羹nyay覺 gezmeye 癟al覺an bir adam覺n hikayesi sadece Facebookta 128 羹lkeden 12.378 takip癟iye ulat覺. Sizlere haz覺r f覺rsat bulmuken tekrar 癟ok teekk羹r etmek isterim. Bana yolda olduunuz i癟in, s羹per yorumlar覺n覺zla, mesajlar覺n覺zla, ilginiz ve alakan覺zla bana g羹癟 verdiiniz i癟in. Beni yolda kalmaya tefik ettiiniz i癟in. En zor anlarda da, en mutlu anlarda da hikayeme ortak olduunuz i癟in.

Yolda g繹r羹羹r羹z…


My talk in Uludag University


After 3 years of traveling I came back to city I was born to make a new presentation in Uluda University.

3 y覺ll覺k seyahatten sonra doduum ehre d繹n羹p bir sunum yapt覺m. Uluda 羹niversitesi 繹rencileriyle g羹zel bir buluma oldu.



Scenes from the presentation.

Sunumdan g繹r羹nt羹ler.


It was a long one since the students were very interested. Students shot interesting and funny quesions to answer. We all had big fun.

Sunum beklediimden daha uzun s羹rd羹. zellikle 繹rencilerin birbirinden ilgin癟 ve elenceli sorular覺n覺 cevaplamak 癟ok elenceliydi.


My teachers from the Anatolian Fine Arts High school were also there to watch me. I had my new certificate from my one my ex art teachers Filiz T羹rkmen.

G羹zel Sanatlar lisesinden hocalar覺m覺n baz覺lar覺 da sunumumu izlemek i癟in 羹niversitedeydi. Sunumdan sonra baar覺 belgemi liseden sanat hocalar覺mdan Filiz T羹rkmen’in elinden almak onur vericiydi. Y覺llar sonra b繹ylesine bir buluma son derece onur verici oldu.


Here is a group picture we had with students at the end of the presentation. Good times! I would like to thank everybody who worked on the event. Especially my friend Evrim S覺rmal覺 for all her efforts.

Sunum sonras覺 繹rencilerle toplu fotoraf覺m覺z. :) Harika zaman ge癟irdim. Organizasyonu haz覺rlayan herkese 繹zellikle de dostum Evrim S覺rmal覺’ya 癟ok teekk羹r ederim.