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Avianca? Never again!


Well I just ended the 3rd route of Designer on the road. It was an amazing experience this time. Filled with less dark moments and more comfort. In the first two routes my life style was always in change. While I was having good money from some companies, some others were treating me like the opposite. So I was trying to have a balance between this two life style. The money I earned on the road used to spent on the road always. However in third route I was in quite good condition from the beginning. Companies hired me nice hotels and they all paid me very well. I spent my money for the ultimate experiences just like I was doing in the previous routes. But this time I managed to save money as well. So I was happy because it was a good feeling to return home with some money from a world trip that I started with no saving at all. I did the trip, I lived the life and I still have some money. What could be better than this. The last day of the journey supposed to be one of the happiest ones. Because I missed my family, my friends and I was dreaming the things I am gonna do back in the house. That money I saved was an important part of the dreams :) Such as buying games, drinks etc… It was 2800 US dollars which makes around 5000 Turkish Liras. That could be really helpful to have fun back in the house for sure.

But the last day of the journey became one of the shittiest days of my entire life. There was no direct flight to Turkey from Guatemala. One option was going through U.S. Since I dont have U.S visa, thiswasn’tan option for me. Then we found another route with my Turkish friend Ay癟a (who is always helping me to find best offers). The only way we found to Turkey was : Guatemala, Costa Rica, Colombia, Brazil and finally Turkey. A hardcore trip with many stops. I had some local money with me in my last day in Guatemala. I took them with me in my pocket. And left my savings (2800 dollars) in my luggage which has my clothes inside. I locked it well for sure. Ididn’twant to carry all these dollars with me because I had to sleep in Sao Paulo Airport one day. I thought it would be dangerous to hang around there with a big wallet. So I hide the money in the luggage. I thought it will be much safer.

Anyways I started the trip from Guatemala with 1 hour delay. Went to Costa Rica and then jumped to Colombia – Bogota with no problem. When I reached Bogota I checked my next flight from the monitors but there was no gate number written for my flight. The time, code and airline company (Avianca / TACA) they were all written but there was no gate number. I asked to people around about the gate and they said: its still early you should wait some time, dont worry the gate number will appear when its ready. So I started waiting and waiting but it was almost the boarding time and there was still no gate number on the screen. Then I asked to the security guards and they took me some places, asked different people, talked Spanish with each other and lost a lot of time around. Finally they learned the gate number by walkie talkie. It was Gate 28A The security guard showed me the way and when I was there I see that its a half completed building which is still in construction. The guy in front of the gate said your plane is already took off. Well I was really pissed off to that. No gate number in screens, in ticket and no calls for the gate with an announcement. Avianca changed my plane ticket with the next one for free after some discussions. However it was arriving to Sao Paulo 1 hour later than my flight to Turkey. So I changed that ticket to the next day as well. Which made my long trip, a never ending journey. I was worried about my luggage. It went to Sao Paulo with the plane I missed? Or are they still here in Bogota? Avianca crew said your luggage is here and it will go to Sao Paulo with you. It was all good news and I was feeling like I solved the problems. With the night flight 21:38 I was flying to Sao Paulo. When I arrived I ran to luggage taking area. I wait I wait I wait and finally I found my 2 luggage. One was ripped of and looked like opened. So I checked the other luggage right there in Sao Paulo airport. It was the time I faced with a terrible thing. They opened the lock, messed up my things all around, took the money, closed the bag and sent it… Yes they took all the money I had there anddidn’ttook anything much else. I was feeling super stupid right there all alone with no money at all. Because I spent the last money I had in my wallet for the laundry expenses. The hotel owner asked me to pay for them. So I was in a deep shit. Almost no sleep, dead tired,nomoney and 24 hours of waiting for the Turkish airline plane in Sao Paulo airport. If you know that place you know how it is hard to wait there for long hours. Its not a comfortable place to be in. I went to Avianca but theydidn’tdo much. They took my e-mail, phone number, photocopy of my passport and my plane ticket. Then they said they will search and let me know. (I thought they are not gonna do anything at all) I asked for the supervisors name and contact information and he gave me. Except the surname. He told me that he cant tell me his surname because of the security rules.

Anyways then I went to the police station. There they listened my story and wrote them all. They told me that they will start an investigation for this. However they cant do much something in Bogota because they are a police station in Brazil not Colombia. So they are gonna ask support of Colombian police department. But they are not so sure that they will be able to do something as well. It was really bad to be there because these peopledidn’teven gave me any trust and faith. Beside all that they look like super slow in this thing. They made me feel like: the money has gone boy, get over it.

Dont get me wrong they were really nice. Especially the man named: Paulo Wellington. I was really hungry and he gave me two sandwiches and water. Police officer Paulo also wrote me his number and told me that I can call him to get information about the progress. Then I went to another place named “Anac” which is another company for looking after these airway companies andcontrollingthem. They also listened my story however thingswasn’tthat easy. Most of the people here dont speak much English. Half of them are not even able to speak anything. So it was a bit hard to tell same long story and try to let them understand me. I was frustrated, tired, angry and pissed off. Probably one of the most shitty day of my entire life. In that company named “Anac” They told me to get a document named R.I.B which means: Registro de Irregularidade de Bagagem (Property Irregularity Report). So I went there back to Avianca. But the man I spoke withwasn’tthere any more. There was a girl whodoesn’tunderstand any English. Ididn’tgive up and tell that I need that document. Shedidn’tunderstood at all but then another girl came in who has slightly better English. She understood me and she took me to another place where they can give me that document. But theydidn’tknow English as well. They kept telling me to contact Avianca by their website. I said ok I ll do that when I reach my home but I want to talk with real people to solve this problem before it is gonna be too late. Theydidn’tcare much. Then they said you should call the call center of Avianca by phone. I dont know an Spanish, my phonedoesn’twork here and I dont have any money to pay public phones. Not even a cent. So please help me I said. Finally they let me to call that number from their office phones but the phones there had a problem the voice was so low. I barely heard the operator that I talked with. She also told me to contact with the website and she promised me somebody will reply in two days by phone or e-mail. So I closed the phone and people there gave me the document that I was asking for. Then I went back to this company Anac again and show them the document I got. They said you did everything you can do. Now we will wait what happens. They said Avianca will call me or write me about the re-pay in 21 days. I hope they do. I will write you about this process.

After all my happiness and joy about going back home became a nightmare because of Avianca and my stupid action to leave the money in the luggage. I could prefer not to sleep 2 days instead of losing that money. It looks like you cant know which way is safer sometimes. For sure it could happen to anybody. Police also told me they always openluggageand steal things inside. It never happened to me before. They said you were lucky till now.

I am writing these words to you from Sao Paulo airport. With tired, burning eyes… Feel sick and unhappy, thirsty and hungry. It was 13:25 pm when I was writing this sentence in Sao Paulos stupid airport. I still have more than 13 hours to spend here. See you in Turkey. Hopefully.


癟羹nc羹 rotan覺n son g羹n羹. Heyecanl覺 ve mutluyum. Sonunda aileme, arkadalar覺ma ve sevdiim yemeklere kavuaca覺m… Bu rota 癟ok iyi ge癟ti. 襤lk iki rotadaki hastal覺klar, fakirlikler bu rotada neredeyse yoktu. Daha l羹ks, daha konforlu ve daha dolgun maal覺 bir rota oldu bu sefer. yleki bu sefer para bile biriktirmitim. (2800 dolar yani ortalama 5000 TL para) Meteliksiz d羹nya turu yap覺p 羹st羹ne az da olsa parayla d繹nebildiim i癟in sevin癟liydim. Ta ki Avianca / Taca havayollar覺 her eyi bozana kadar.

D繹n羹 yolculuu i癟in Guatemaladan tek se癟eneim Guatemala, Kosta Rika, Kolombiya, Brezilya ve T羹rkiye eklinde olan uzun bir macerayd覺. Guatemaladan 1 saat r繹tarl覺 balayan yolculukta Kolombiyaya kadar sorun yaamad覺m. Kolombiya havaalan覺na girince de monit繹rlerden Sao Paulo u癟uunun gateini 繹renmek istedim. U癟ula ilgili ekranda her bilgi yazarken gate numaras覺 yazm覺yordu. Etraftakilere sordum. Bekle yak覺nda belli olur orada yazar dediler. Ben de bekledim bekledim ama bir ey 癟覺kmad覺. 15:20ye geliyordu saat, yani kalk覺a az kalm覺t覺. G羹venlik g繹revlilerine sordum en son. Saa sola g繹t羹r羹p baka g羹venlik癟ilerle uzun uzun tart覺t覺lar bu konuyu 襤spanyolca. Yahu gate neden yazm覺yor acaba falan diye. Orada bir s羹r羹 zaman kaybedildi. Sonra telsizle 繹rendiler hangi gatemi gitmemiz gereken. Bu g羹venlik癟i abiyle gittik sonra o gatee. Bir de ne g繹reyim buras覺 yar覺 inaat halinde tam bitmemi bir yer. Muhtemelen sistemde de ondan 癟覺km覺yor. Oradaki g繹revli senin u癟ak gitti ki dedi bana pikin pikin. Ben de delirdim tabi, ne bilette yaz覺yor gate ne ekranlarda 羹zerine anons falan da yap覺lm覺yor. Delirdim. Neyse ki bileti deitirmeyi kabul ettiler biraz tart覺t覺ktan sonra. Yaln覺z bu sefer de T羹rk Hava yollar覺yla Brezilyadan 襤stanbula u癟aca覺m u癟a覺 ka癟覺r覺yordum. O y羹zden onu da deitirdik T羹rkiyeden biletler konusundaki sa kolum Ay癟a sayesinde. Akl覺m bir tek valizimde kalm覺t覺. K覺yafetler i癟in kulland覺覺m k羹癟羹k bir valiz var. O valiz benim ka癟覺rd覺覺m u癟akla Sao Pauloya gitti mi? Yoksa burada m覺? Avianca havayollar覺n覺n cevab覺 burada, valizini bekletiyoruz seninle bir sonraki u癟akla Sao Pauloya gidecek dediler. Hay hay dedim. Sorunlar 癟繹z羹lm羹 g繹r羹n羹yordu. Rahatlam覺t覺m. 5-6 saat bekleme, 5-6 saat u癟ma desek 12 saat kadar sonra Sao Pauloda valizlerimi bekliyordum. Bekledim bekledim ve banttan akmaya balad覺 valizler. Sonlara doru benimkisi de geldi. Ama teki param par癟a olmu dieri de fena halde h覺rpalanm覺t覺. Poetle sard覺rd覺覺m olan asl覺nda tripot ve Guatemaladan ald覺覺m kediydi. 2 ayr覺 par癟a veremezsin dediklerinde bu ekilde sard覺rarak tek par癟a haline getirmitim havaalan覺ndaki naylon sar覺c覺larla. Resmen birisi a癟m覺 bunu yolda bu hale gelemez dedim ve as覺l b羹y羹k olan覺 a癟t覺m. Yani biriktirdiim paran覺n, hediyeliklerin ve k覺yafetlerin olduu 癟anta. A癟ar a癟maz d羹zenlediim her ey karman 癟orman saa sola sa癟覺ld覺. Evet 癟antan覺n kilidi a癟覺lm覺, bir g羹zel kar覺t覺r覺lm覺 i癟indeki para araklan覺p aynen geri kapat覺lm覺t覺. Sinirden deliye d繹nd羹m. Hem kendime, hem Aviancaya. O paray覺 orada bilerek b覺rakm覺t覺m 癟羹nk羹 orada kilitli olarak daha g羹venli olaca覺n覺 d羹羹nm羹t羹m. zellikle de Sao Paulo havaalan覺nda 24 saat u癟ak bekleyeceimi ve muhtemelen uykusuzluktan s覺zabileceimi d羹羹n羹rsek. 5000 TLdile kolay ka癟 tane oyun, ka癟 porsiyon b繹rek, meze, rak覺 al覺rd覺m o parayla…

ok b羹y羹k ihtimalle Bogotada Aviancan覺n bagaj g繹revlileri benim 癟antayla ilgilenmek i癟in fazlaca zaman bulmulard覺. Para da orada kayboldu 癟ok b羹y羹k ihtimalle. Sao Pauloya gelir gelmez Avianca yetkililerini buldum. Buldum dediime bakmay覺n kolay olmad覺. nce bir yere gittik kapal覺yd覺, gelirler bekle dediler bir ka癟 saat orada dikildim o sinirle. antay覺 ara ara a癟覺p tekrar tekar arad覺m paralar覺 ama yoktu. anta zaten darma da覺n olmutu, tekerlekleri k覺r覺lm覺, fermuarlar覺 bozulmu, kilidi a癟覺lm覺…

Daha sonra baka bir yerde bir oda buldum Avianca memurlar覺yla dolu. Anlatt覺m durumu. Pasaportumun ve Bogota Sao Paulo biletimin fotokopisini 癟ektiler. Telefonumu e- mail adresimi ald覺lar ve beni arayacaklar覺n覺 s繹ylediler (tabi inanmad覺m). Ben de oran覺n s羹pervizor羹 olan Marcos’un ismini, numaras覺n覺 ve e-mailini ald覺m. Bu anlatt覺m gittim gibi yazd覺覺m eyler覺n hepsi 繹yle yaz覺ld覺覺 gibi 覺k覺r 覺k覺r olmuyor tabi. 襤ngilizce bilmiyorlar hi癟. Anlamak dert anlatmak 癟ok zor. Anlam覺yorlar. Bazen anlasalarda anlamamazl覺a geliyorlar gibime geliyor hatta. Ben dedim ki bi eyler yapal覺m imdi ben 1 g羹n buraday覺m. Sizi g繹rebiliyorken ilgilendiinizi g繹rmek istiyorum. Ben gidince bir ey yapaca覺n覺z覺 hi癟 d羹羹nm羹yorum dedim. O adam da tamam sen imdi git akam 9 da gel ben elimden geleni yap覺cam sana bilgi veririm dedi. Ben de tamam madem dedim adam覺n kafas覺na silah day覺yamayaca覺ma g繹re. Gittim bir de polise anlatt覺m durumu. Bu polis tekilat覺nda b繹yle t羹ll羹 k覺yafetli, topuklu, bol dekolteli kad覺nlar da 癟al覺覺yordu. Onlar da polis san覺r覺m. Ama ortam hi癟 ciddi bir yere benzemiyordu, karakol mu baka bir yer mi belli deil pek. Orada biraz bekledim. nce hikayeyi dineleyen kad覺nlardan biri vah vah deyip benim mesaim bitti dedi gitti. Sonra baka bir adam geldi ona anlatt覺m bu sefer. O bi d繹k羹man doldurttu bana, bir rapor yazd覺 ve soruturma a癟覺laca覺n覺 s繹yledi. Ancak paray覺 bulabileceklerini sanm覺yorum. Brezilyadaki garip bir polis tekilat覺 buras覺. Kolombiya ile ilgili bir ey yapacak g羹c羹 hi癟 g繹remedim. Kolombiya polisinden yard覺m isteyeceklermi ama onlar da sallar m覺 bilmiyorlar. Zaten ben daha buradakilerin sallayaca覺ndan 羹pheliyim. Kimse hi癟bir ey yapmayacakm覺 ve her ey ve herkes s羹per g繹stermelikmi gibi geliyordu bana. midim yoktu hi癟 bu insanlardan ama 癟aresizce elimden geleni yapmaya 癟al覺覺yordum. %0,01i deniyordum kendimce. Olay s覺ca覺 s覺ca覺nayken hi癟bir ey yapmayan hatta gayet yava tak覺lan bu insanlar 1 ay sonra aray覺p bulduk paran覺 demiyeceklerdi besbelli. Hatta bu bavul a癟ma ve i癟indekileri 癟alma pek s覺k olan bir eymi dediine g繹re. O da biraz kan覺tlad覺 bana bu adamlar demek ki 癟ok ilgilenmiyorlar diye. Ortada b繹yle bir a癟覺k var ki bu kadar rahat bu insanlar korkmadan b繹yle eyler yapabiliyorlar diye d羹羹nd羹m. yle olunca o 0,01i de kaybettim.

ok ac覺km覺t覺m polis memuru Paulo Wellington bana iki sandwich ve su verdi. Cebimde hi癟 param yoktu. C羹zdandaki son paray覺 sabah hostelden 癟覺karken hostel sahibine k覺yafetlerimin y覺kanma 羹creti olarak vermitim. Evet onu unutmutum tabi. Polis arkada覺n da telefonunu ve e-mailini ald覺ktan sonra 癟覺kt覺m bu sefer bir baka irket olan Anac buras覺 buradaki havayolu irketlerini denetleyen bir irketmi. Onlara da anlatt覺m durumu. Yine ingilizcesi 癟at pat bir k覺z vard覺. Bir ka癟 ak覺l verdi bana. Aviancadan almam gereken bir d繹k羹mandan bahsetti. demezlerse dava a癟arken laz覺m olacak bir eymi. Ad覺: Registro de Irregularidade de Bagagem (Property Irregularity Report). Neyse binbir g羹癟l羹k onu da ald覺m tekrar Aviancaya gidip. Bu sefer o konutuum s羹pervizor adam deil 2 tane k覺z vard覺 襤ngilizce bilmeyen. Gene onlara anlat et derken buradan alamad覺覺m覺 繹rendim o d繹k羹man覺. Baka bir yer varm覺. K覺z覺n teki beni g繹t羹rd羹 oraya. 襤lk gittiim ama kapal覺 olan yerdi buras覺. 襤癟erideki insanlara olay覺 tekrar anlatt覺m. 襤nternetten ikayet dilek癟esi ver, telefonla call center’覺 ara gibi balar覺ndan savucu 繹neriler sundular bana. Ben balar覺ndan savrulmad覺m tabi ki, balar覺n覺n etini yedim. En son oradaki telefonu kullanarak o call center覺 aramama izin verdiler. Zaten ne yapabilirdim ki. Kendi telefonum burada 癟al覺m覺yordu, kartl覺 telefon i癟in param yoktu art覺 ispanyolca bilmeyerek tek ba覺ma 癟ok zor olacakt覺 anlamak. Telefon g繹r羹mesinden sonra o d繹k羹man覺 bana haz覺rlay覺p verdiler. Sonra d繹k羹manla tekrar Anac irketine gittim. Oradaki k覺z tamam sen imdi yapaca覺n her eyi yapt覺n art覺k bekleyeceksin 21 g羹n m羹ddeti var Aviancan覺n 21 g羹n i癟inde seni aramalar覺 ya da mail atmalar覺 laz覺m bu d繹k羹manla ilgili karar al覺p dedi. Ben de hadi bakal覺m dedim. O biraz olumlu gibi konuuyordu ama benim hi癟 umudum yok. Umar覺m ararlar beni, gelimeleri buradan sizlerle paylaaca覺m.

u an bu yaz覺y覺 Sao Pauloda yan覺mda kimsenin emanet almak istemedii 3 koca a覺r 癟anta ile bi k繹ede s羹per rahats覺z bir koltukta yaz覺yorum. G繹zlerim yan覺yor. Uykum var, hasta gibiyim, 羹zg羹n羹m, k覺zg覺n覺m, u癟a覺m 04:15 amde. Ben bunlar覺 yazarken saat 13:25i g繹steriyor. nereden baksak 13-14 saat daha buraday覺m. Gene karn覺m ac覺k覺yor. Ayr覺ca 癟ok susad覺m. Bo c羹zdan覺ma bakt覺k癟a orada 5000 tl olabileceini d羹羹n羹p kafay覺 yiyorum. Bundan daha b羹y羹k 癟in ikencesi olamaz. Bi yere gidemiyorum 癟antalar 癟ok b羹y羹k engel. Param 癟al覺nm覺 moralman bitiim, hi癟 bir ey yapamad覺覺m i癟in s羹rekli bunu d羹羹n羹yor kendimi yiyorum. Tuvaletim de var ama tuvalet ka覺d覺 yok. u 2 g羹n羹 atlat覺rsam daha iyi olaca覺m san覺r覺m. 襤stanbula geliim b繹yle olmasayd覺 keke. Ah Avianca… Bir daha asla.

Pacaya volcano


Carol brought me to Antigua and helped me to arrange a tour to Pacaya volcano. Since she is not good with volcano’s she didn’t came with me but I had good new friends while climbing to the volcano.

Carol’un yanardalarlaaras覺pek iyi deil. Dolay覺s覺yla benimle yukar覺 t覺rmanmad覺 ama beni Antigua’da bir tur irketiyle g繹r羹t羹rd羹. Turda yeni arkadalar da edindim.


Way to the top was a bit tiring but not too difficult to climb. Actually it was very enjoyable because of the beautiful nature around you. There were also horse taxis all the time. You can rent a horse if you feel very tired but I don’t think you gonna need that.

Yanardaa 癟覺kan yol biraz zorlay覺c覺yd覺. Dilerseniz yorulduunuz anda at kiralayabiliyorsunuz. Da yolu boyunca yukar覺 aa覺 dolaan atlar var. Taksiii takssiiii diye ba覺r覺yorlar hatta 癟ok komik.


One of the friends I had there is Hyoung from Korea. Taking the picture of the volcano. Koreans and Turkish people are always becoming good friends. I think these two nations have a lot of similarities even though they are very far from each othergeographically.

Yolda tan覺t覺覺m arkadalardan biri de Koreli Hyoung. Koreliler ve T羹rklerin aras覺nda bir ba var kesinlikle. Her zaman 癟ok iyi anla覺yor bu iki milletin insanlar覺. Birbirimizden corafi olarak 癟ok uzak olsak da, k羹lt羹rlerimiz, geleneklerimiz 癟ok ayr覺 olsa da, bir o kadar da benzerlik, yak覺nl覺k var hayata bak覺覺m覺zda, d羹羹nce yap覺m覺zda ve arkadal覺覺m覺zda. Kore’yi ve Koreli arkadalar覺m覺 繹zledim ger癟ekten.


The team was assembled from all around the world. A girl from Switzerland, a couple from Netherlands, 2 Korean dentists, a Turkish designer and much more. The couple was also making a world trip. They saved some money for that and now they are doing it. They have 10.000 dollars per person and they are trying to live with 25 dollars per day. They have been in Turkey as well. They said they liked Turkey but they also told me some negative stories as well. I hate that thing because I love my county’s hospitality. I don’t want any foreigner to have a badexperiencein my country because of some stupid people. So I was sad about that. Another thing they told me that: We have been in many countries but you are the first Turkish person we saw traveling. Why Turkish people don’t travel? Well you know what? They are right. We don’t travel enough as a nation. Look at Koreans, Germans, Russians, Koreans, Italians… They are in everywhere! Just leave the safe zone and live!

Tak覺m d羹nyan覺n 癟eitli yerlerinden gelen kat覺l覺mc覺lardan oluuyordu. 襤svi癟reli bir k覺z, 2 Koreli di癟i, Hollandal覺 bir 癟ift, T羹rk bir tasar覺mc覺 ve az daha yal覺ca bir ka癟 kii daha. Bu Hollandal覺 癟ift de d羹nya turu yap覺yormu. evre m羹hendisi olan ikili para biriktirmiler ve kii ba覺 10.000 dolara ula覺nca ii b覺rak覺p gezmeye balam覺lar. Aylard覺r 羹lke 羹lke geziyorlarm覺 ve T羹rkiye d覺覺nda ilk g繹rd羹kleri T羹rk benmiim. Neden Seyahat etmiyor T羹rkler diye sordu bana. Cevap veremedim. Hakl覺s覺n demekten baka akl覺ma bir ey gelmedi 癟羹nk羹 bu bir ger癟ek. Ger癟ekten 羹lke olarak yeterince seyahat etmiyoruz. Diplomatik ve vizesel s覺k覺nt覺lar bir yana korka覺z da, tembeliz de, monotonu seviyoruz. Rahat olan覺, al覺t覺覺m覺z eyleri… Yal覺lar gibiyiz ulus olarak. Aman ya ba覺ma bir ey gelirse diye mi korkuyoruz ne olur tam bilmiyorum. Ekonomik s覺k覺nt覺lar ve T羹rkiye’deki i ortam覺n覺n pek rekabet癟i olmas覺 da cabas覺 san覺r覺m. Neyse T羹rkiye’ye de gelmiler ve epey gezmiler. Nide’ye gitmiler mesela neden gitmilerse oraya. Sayd覺klar覺 ehirler i癟inde nedenini en anlamad覺覺m yer oras覺 oldu. Ben b繹yle diyince biz de anlamad覺k neden gittiimizi b羹y羹k hatayd覺 diye laflar ettiler. Suratlar覺 ekidi. Neden bir ey mi oldu dedim? Orada bol bol souk davran覺lara ve turistler diye kaz覺klanmalara ahit olmular. ok basit yemeklere normal 羹cretin iki kat覺 para istenmi falan. Yemekler diyince T羹rk yemekleri nas覺l peki s羹per deil mi falan dedim, “Not really” cevab覺n覺 ald覺m. Bazen d羹羹n羹yorum da, T羹rk misafirperverlii eskide kalm覺 bir ehir efsanesi mi? Asl覺nda ger癟ekten de k繹t羹 bir ev sahibimiyiz ulus olarak? Turistler 羹lkemizde 繹ld羹r羹l羹yor, taciz ediliyor, kaz覺klan覺yor… O kadar 羹z羹l羹yorum ki. zellikle buralarda T羹rkiye ad覺na verdiim onca kiisel 癟aba ve gayretten sonra anl覺yorum yurt d覺覺nda T羹rkiye ile ilgili bana sorulan sa癟ma sorular覺n nedenini. Biz kendimizi hi癟 iyi pazarlayam覺yoruz. Ve 癟ok 癟ok k繹t羹 bir 羹n羹m羹z var. ou kii haritadaki yerimizi bilmiyor mesela. Yunanistan覺n yan覺 diyince anl覺yorlar yerini. Yunanistan’覺 biliyorlar ama. ok fena deil mi bu? Herkesin Yunanistan’覺 bilmesi ama T羹rkiye diyince kafalar覺nda hi癟 bir ey canlanmamas覺. Asl覺nda hi癟 bir ey canlanmasa o da iyi. Bana sorulan en yayg覺n ikinci soru: “Sizin 羹lkenizde kad覺nlar b繹yle kapal覺 m覺? (eliyle surat覺n覺 ve ba覺n覺 kapat覺yor) Hay覺r diyorum 繹yle deil ve anlatmaya bal覺yorum her seferinde. B覺kmadan, usanmadan…


When we get closer to the top, amazing sun and light shows were appearing to tease that we are about to arrive somewhere magical.

Tepeye yaklat覺k癟a surat覺m覺za vuran bir g羹ne ve 覺覺k h羹zmeleri 癟ok b羹y羹l羹 bir yere geliyor olduumuz konusunda bizi haz覺rl覺yor gibiydi.


We gave a short brake here. This is the other Korean dentist friend Kim. He studied engineering actually but his marks were not so well when he graduated. Because of the marks Korean technology companies didn’t hired him. So he decided to study again and became a dentist.

Burada k覺sa bir mola veriyoruz. Manzara ger癟ekten b羹y羹leyici. Sada dier di癟i dost Kim’i g繹r羹yorsunuz. Kim asl覺nda m羹hendislik okuyormu ama k覺zlarla parti yapmaktan notlar覺 pek d羹羹km羹. Dolay覺s覺yla Koreli biliim irketleri de onu ie almam覺. ylece kala kalan Kim di癟ilik okumu ve u an gayet mutlu.


It’s interesting to climb here because the surface, the ashes and faint lavas make you feel like you are walking on a mountain made of cornflakes. It makes the sounds exactly like a cornflakes.

Daa t覺rman覺rken s繹nm羹 lavlara basarak erimi talar kayalar i癟ine g繹m羹lerek 癟覺k覺yorsunuz ve 癟覺kard覺覺 sesler y羹z羹nden ayn覺 bir cornflakes havuzu 羹zerinde y羹r羹yormusunuz izlenimi veriyor.


Spactacular view. I have traveled a lot and saw some of the best views all around the world but this place is one of the best views I have ever seen so far. Clouds were passing all below us. Volcano’s were visible and raising on the clouds. Sun and moon visible at the same time. Just amazing.

Zorluydu, yordu ama her ad覺m覺na, her ter damlas覺na dedi. Yakla覺k 2 senedir d羹nyan覺n en harika mekanlar覺nda en muhteem manzaralara ahit oluyorum ama belki de en iyilerinden biri buydu. Alt覺m覺zda bulutlar, aralar覺ndan y羹kselen yanardalar, u癟lar覺nda t羹ten duman, kenarlardan ak覺p giden lavlarla 繹n羹m羹zde g羹nein bat覺覺, arkam覺zda parlak bir dolunay ayn覺 anda bize elik ediyordu. Ne kadar anlatsam az ger癟ekten. 襤in komii yanarda覺 g繹rmeye gitmi olmam覺za ramen manzara y羹z羹nden yanardaa hep arkam覺z覺 d繹nmemizdi.


There was a small store made of bamboos on the road to top. This man here making specialaccessoriesby lava ruins. Even National Geographic showed about this man’s interesting story. So prices were a bit high because he knows what he is doing. I wanted to buy a special gift for a special person from here. In the other side of the world. At the top of an active volcano. :) I thought it will be a great gift for somebody in Turkey.

En tepeye az kala hi癟 bir yerin ortas覺nda k羹癟羹k bir d羹kkan var bambudan yap覺lm覺 bir baraka. Bir adam var i癟erde, bir tak覺 tasar覺mc覺s覺. Donmu lavlar覺 ve kal覺nt覺lar覺 kullanarak tak覺lar tasarl覺yor. Her g羹n bu aktif yanardaa gelip bu barakada 癟al覺覺yor ve buray覺 gezmeye gelenlere tak覺lar覺n覺 sat覺yor. Fiyatlar覺 birazc覺k tuzlu ama adam ne yapt覺覺n覺 biliyor. National Geographic dergisi bile bu adam覺n hikayesini konu etmi. D羹羹nd羹m ki buradan bir ey almal覺y覺m sevdiim birine. Guatemala gibi d羹nyan覺n 繹b羹r ucu bir 羹lkeden, bir yanarda覺n tepesinden gelen g羹zel bir aksesuar. ok anlaml覺 bir hediye olabilir diye d羹羹nd羹m.


Keep on climbing.

T覺rman覺a devam…


A quick brake for food. We cookedmarshmallowson lava fire.

K覺sa bir mola. Lav ateinde marmelov piirdik.


Cornflakeswalk. Well my shoes were blue once upon a time. Now they are a bitgrayish:)

Bir zamanlar ayakkab覺lar覺m maviydi. imdi griye d繹nd羹ler.


One of the best views so far.

T羹m zamanlar覺n en ahane manzaras覺na ho geldiniz.


We watched the sunset here. And That’s why we had to get down from the volcano in super pure darkness just with cellphone lights :)

Manzaray覺 b覺rak覺p ayr覺lmak 癟ok zor oldu. Zaten s覺rf bu y羹zden cep telefonu 覺覺覺yla indik zifiri karanl覺kta ormanlar覺n i癟inden. :)


One last look to the view when I was going down. To take a mind picture and remember this place for all my life. When I was walking down theenvironmentwas getting darker and darker with every step. I turned back and these people were still taking pictures there. God help them, I hope they have some lights with them.

Aa覺 inerken son bir kez d繹n羹p bakt覺m manzaraya. Bir zihin fotoraf覺 癟ekmeye 癟al覺t覺m buray覺 hi癟 unutmamak i癟in… Aa覺 y羹r羹rken her ad覺m覺mda ortam biraz daha karanl覺kla覺yordu. Orman覺n i癟ine girince hepten zifiriye d繹necekti ortal覺k. Arkam覺 d繹n羹p bakt覺覺mda yukar覺da hala 2 kii fotoraf 癟ekiyordu. Umar覺m 覺覺klar覺 vard覺r diyerek yoluma devam ettim.


When I was down. Kiki, David and Carol came to pick me up again. We had a nice dinner with a high quality German beer. Then Kiki and David went back to home and Carol and me went to a friend’s house party. There I met with Maria and talked non stop till the party. I think we were both a bit talkative that night :)

Yanardadan inince Kiki, David ve Carol’u buldum kar覺mda. Beni almaya gelmiler. G羹zel bir akam yemei yedik Antigua’da 覺k bir restoranda s羹per bir Alman biras覺 eliinde. Yemekten sonra Kiki ve David eve gittiler, biz de Carol’la onun bir arkada覺n覺n ev partisine gittik. 襤癟eri girdim Maria ile tan覺t覺m tan覺mamla konumam覺z balam覺 oldu. Sonra bitmedi. Dier insanlarla hi癟 konuamad覺m. Maria bi ey diyor ben bi ey diyorum derken parti bitmi. O gece nas覺l gevezeysek ikimizde. C覺r c覺r c覺r. Neyse bu gece de b繹yle bitti.

Trip to Antigua again


A new Saturday, time to wake up, have some breakfast, charge the things and go to Antigua again to climb an active volcano! Carol will pick me up and drop to Antigua again. There I will keep going with a tour company. Carol needs to go back to Guatemala city.

Yeni bir cumartesi, bataryalar arj olurken kahvalt覺 ediyorum. Carol gelip beni al覺cak. Antigua’ya b覺rak覺cak. Orada bir tur irketinin de yard覺m覺yla aktif bir yanardaa t覺rman覺cam. Cumartesi i癟in daha g羹zel bir plan olamaz.


Turkish Kebab in Antigua :) (just the text) there was nothing actually. I ate something else, like a wrap with chicken and salad. Time to move to Volcano.

Antigua’ya vard覺k imdi s覺ra yanardaa gitmede. nce buralarda bir eyler at覺t覺rmak gerek. Kebab yaz覺s覺na bakmay覺n sordum hi癟 bir ey yoktu. :(

Caf矇 Tacvba concert in Antigua


Last Friday night I was in Antigua again for the concert of Mexican band “Cafe Tabuca” (Caf矇 Tacvba). It’s an awesome band and I really enjoyed my time during the concert. I wasn’t sure in the beginning when friends invited me because the ticket was a bit expensive but then I was thankful to be here.

Ge癟en cuma gecesi Antigua’ya gittim gene. Bu sefer ama癟 “Cafe Tabuca” konserine gitmek. Bu harika grup Meksika’n覺n en 羹nl羹 gruplar覺ndan biri ve t羹m Orta Amerika onlara bay覺l覺yor. Ben de gidince iyi ki gelmiim dedim. ok iyilerdi.


The band founded in 1989. The vocalist is asympathetic, short funny guy. The band’s performance and the stage shows were really good. This is what they were playing here:

1989′dan beri 癟al覺yormu meer bu abiler. Vokalist eleman k覺sa boylu, irin, sempatik 癟ok hareketli ve komik akalar espiriler yapan bi eleman. Grubun geneli 癟ok salam 癟al覺yor ve komik danslar eliinde gayet g羹zel kopuyorlar. 襤te bu fotorafta dinlediimiz ark覺:


The song of this picture:

Fotoraf覺n ark覺s覺:


Their new album was a bit slower and more romantic comparing to old albums. I enjoyed their old songs more than the new album… Here is another song from them:

Yeni alb羹mleri eski ark覺lar覺na g繹re daha yava ve romantik ark覺lar i癟eriyor. Ben eski par癟alarda belki de s繹zleri nas覺lsa anlamad覺覺m i癟in daha 癟ok elendim ama zevk meselesi tabi. 襤te onlardan bir par癟a daha:


After concert we went to an Irish bar in Antigua to grab some beers. Because there was only rom and coke was on sale in concert. This bar was also pretty fun with people dancing on the table.

Konserden sonra bir 襤rlanda bar覺nda al覺yoruz soluu. Konser sponsoru kolal覺 romlu kar覺覺k bir i癟ki olduu i癟in konserde ondan baka bir ey i癟emiyordunuz. Buras覺 da baya 癟覺lg覺n bir yermi yaln覺z. Birbirini tan覺mayan onca insan覺n birbirleriyle yapt覺覺 o danslar g繹r羹lmeye deerdi. Masa 羹st羹 danslar覺 da cabas覺.


A Saturday in Antigua


Karu is one of the creativedirectors in Leo Burnett. She is married with Santiego (right picture) who is also a creative director in Ogilvy. They have a baby daughter named as Mila. She is super cute. This super nice Guatemalan family invited me for a trip to Antigua. This place is really famous in Guatemala. Everybody was telling me that you should go there. It’s like 1 hour drive from Guatemala city.

Leo Burnett yarat覺c覺 y繹netmenlerinden biri Karu buradaki en samimi arkada覺m. Sa fotorafta g繹rd羹羹n羹z ei David de Ogilvy’de yarat覺c覺 y繹netmen. Minno bebek Mila’y覺 da al覺p hep beraber Antigua’ya gidiyoruz. Buras覺 Gutemala’ya gelip kesinlikle g繹r羹lmesi gereken yerlerin ba覺nda geliyor. Zaten 羹lkeye girdiiniz gibi herkes oraya gitmenizi 繹羹tl羹yor size. Biz de ilk haftasonumuzda buradayd覺k ite. First things first. Balad覺k Antigua’y覺 kefetmeye.


Antigua was the capital before Guatemala city in old times. However this place had some disasters like volcano and earthquakes so the city moved and growed out of Antigua That’s how Guatemala city appeared.

Eskiden buras覺 bakentmi asl覺nda ama yanarda patlamalar覺, depremler falan derken insanlar buradan uzaklam覺 ve Guatemala city bakent haline gelmi.


The general feeling in Antigua is really nice. The atmosphere is very peaceful. Now many people wants to live here. Guatemalan or foreigner doesn’t matter. That’s why the house prices here a lot higher comparing to Guatemala city.

imdilerdeyse herkes buraya yerlemek istiyor. Guatemala City’nin kemekeinden ka癟mak istiyormu Guatemalal覺lar. Yaln覺z Guatemala city kemekese bu insanlar 襤stanbul’da ne yapar bilemiyorum. :) Sonu癟 olarak yerlilerden tutun buraya gelen yabanc覺lara kadar buraya yerleme konusunda b羹y羹k bir talep var. Dolay覺s覺yla burada ev fiyatlar覺 da Gutemala city’den 癟ok daha pahal覺.


People waiting for ice cream :)

Ssk kuyruu deil, Dondurma s覺ras覺.


Antigua has a lot of nicerestaurants. Some of them are really famous. Super star celebrities visited these places. I saw Bill Clinton’s picture in one of them.

Antigua 癟ok g羹zel restoranlara sahip. Bunlar覺n baz覺lar覺 癟ok 羹n yapm覺 durumda. Duvarlarda 羹nl羹lerin fotoraflar覺 var. Bir tanesinde Bill Clinton bile vard覺.


Antigua’s economy is reliant upon tourism and it markets itself as a luxury Caribbean escape. Antigua is also supported by the growing medical school and its students. Many hotels and resorts are located around the coastline.

Antigua’da genel gelir turizm odakl覺. Burada Guatemala ve maya k羹lt羹r羹ne ait her t羹rl羹 el ii, hediyelik eya, k覺yafet, aksesuar ne ararsan覺z bulabilirsiniz. Oteller, hosteller, misafir evleri dolmu buras覺 haliyle. Guatemala’ya gelen herkes buraya gelip bir ka癟 g羹n konakl覺yor 癟羹nk羹 gezilecek yap覺lacak 癟ok ey var.


Antigua Guatemala famous for its well-preserved Spanish Baroque influenced architecture as well as a number of spectacular ruins of colonial churches. It has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Buras覺 bar覺nd覺rd覺覺 mimari ve 襤spanyol stili kiliseleriyle UNESCO taraf覺ndan tarihi miras alan覺 olarak koruma alt覺na al覺nm覺.


According to the 2007 census, the city has 34,685 inhabitants.

2007 verilerine g繹re 34,685 kii ya覺yormu burada.


Antigua Guatemala means “Ancient Guatemala”

Antigua Guatemala “Antik Guatemala” anlam覺na geliyor pek tabi.


Streets are full of cultural things. People are playing local instruments, selling local fruits, local textiles, clothes andaccessories.

Sokaklardan maya k羹lt羹r羹n羹n akt覺覺 Antigua’da yerel enst羹manlar g羹zel t覺n覺lar覺 dolduruyor sokaklara.


This is the Antigua team. Karu, Santi, baby Mila and me. We ate a very tasty food here. They also have melted cheese comes with baguette bred. So you dip into cheese and eat it. Yummy. Drinks were “Moza” a local beer brand. Looks like a coke with black color.

Antigua ekibim Karu, David, bebek Mila ve ben. Antigua’da harika bir 繹le yemeini ac覺madan affetmeden g繹t羹rd羹k. Lokal bira markas覺 “Moza” eliinde etler metler g羹zel g羹zel yok edildi.


I wanted to buy some things from here since Guatemala is my last stop for this route. Then we came to a bazaar kind of place. It’s like a giant market all about Guatemala stuff.

Madem Guatemala bu rotan覺n son dura覺 buradan bir eyler almal覺 diye d羹羹nd羹m. B繹ylece bu markete geldik. Lokal eya pazar覺 gibi bir yer her yerde rengarenk el ii objeler, kumalar… Nereye bakaca覺m覺 a覺rd覺m.


I really liked these hand made big cats. Wanted to buy one but there is no place in my bag for this. When I checked the price I saw it was quite good for the thing. So I decided to buy it. Now I have this orange cat with me and I have no idea how I will carry it back to Turkey.

Mekan覺 gezerken bu el oymas覺 korkun癟 kedileri 癟ok sevdim, Komikli korkun癟lu mimikleriyle alsam m覺 diye d羹羹nd羹m. antamda bunun i癟in bir yer yoktu tabiki ama fiyat覺 g繹r羹nce de dayanamad覺m ve ald覺m. Guatemala’ya bir daha m覺 geleceiz yahu diyip o gazla bir hamle yapm覺 oldum. Olduk癟a 癟覺lg覺nca bir hamle oldu. Bu koca kedi elimde 襤stanbul’a nas覺l gelicem bilmiyorum. Hi癟 bir fikrim yok. San覺r覺m her eyi bir maceraya d繹n羹t羹rme konusunda 癟ok ustalat覺m.


My father was looking like this when I was showing my report cards at the end of every year. Guatemalans made a mask of him.

ocukken karnemi babama g繹sterince babam覺n surat覺 ayn覺 b繹yle oluyordu. Adamlar maskesini yapm覺lar.


From funny t-shirts to wood statues and masks, came here with a big empty bag. You will buy many things here :)

Buraya b羹y羹k bo bir 癟antayla gelin. Cebinizde para da olsun.


Masks masks and more masks…

Maskelerin sonu yok. Hepsi farkl覺 hepsi g羹zel…


Another version of my cat. :)

Benim tahta kedinin baka versiyonu.


I bought local clothes as well. I think I will remove some old t-shirts from my bag to have some space in the bag for the new stuff.

Yerel k覺yafetler de ald覺m tabi ve 癟antamdan eskiyen t-shirtleri 癟覺kar覺p onlara yer ay覺raca覺m d繹nerken. Her eyi ta覺mam m羹mk羹n deil.


Cathedral of San Jos矇The original church was built around 1541, but suffered several earthquakes throughout its history and the first church building was demolished in 1669. The cathedral was rebuilt and consecrated in 1680. By 1743 the cathedral was one of the largest in Central America.However, the devastating 1773 Guatemala earthquake seriously damaged much of the building, though the two towers at the front remained largely intact. These have undergone restoration work, and the cathedral has been partly rebuilt.

San Jos矇 katedrali. 1541′de ina edilmi ve tarihi boyunca bir 癟ok depremden sa 癟覺km覺. 1669′de y覺k覺l覺p 1680′de yeniden ina edilmi. 1773′de 癟ok b羹y羹k bir depremle b羹y羹k 繹l癟羹de hasar alm覺 ama daha sonra tekrar ina edilip bug羹nk羹 g繹r羹n羹m羹ne kavumu.


Inside of theCathedral

Katedralin i癟i de b繹yleymi.


After a long trip around Antigua we hit ourselfs to a bar with a terrace. Grabbed a couple of beers and returned to Guatemala City at evening.

Uzun bir Antigua gezisi ard覺ndan 2 bira patlatmak i癟in bir bar覺n teras覺na kuruluyoruz. Yorgunluun 羹st羹ne g羹zel geliyor, sonra da d繹n羹e ge癟iyoruz havan覺n kararmas覺yla. Buradan 1 saat s羹r羹yor Guatemala city’e d繹nmek. D繹n羹 yolu 癟ok g羹zel ama bol yeillik ve s羹per zevkli virajlar. Drift i癟in bi癟ilmi kaftan.