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Be Local

k覺l覺k k覺yafet

To me, being local person where ever I go was always one of the core ideas of the project. I eat from local restaurants, I work with local people, I go where locals go and do what they do. Sometimes if I had enough money I was buying local clothes as well. When you have a short span of time to understand culture and create projects you have to adapt things very quickly.Especiallyin advertising business. I did everything I can to make this happen. I stop carrying mp3 player as well. As a huge music fan I did it on purpose. I wanted to listen people instead of mp3 files. I wanted to adapt to language, and see what kind of people talking about what kind of stuff in each country. What African kids talk about? What are the popular wordsBrazilianteenagers using? These kind of questions are really important when you have to sell some things by advertising in each country. Let’s take a look at world fashion by Designer on the road :) From top left to right here is a list of the traditional clothes I have bought and used on the road: India, China, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, Colombia, Guatemala and El Salvador.

Lokal olmak, her anlam覺yla oran覺n insan覺na b羹r羹nmek benim i癟in bu projenin 繹nemli bir par癟as覺yd覺. K覺sa zamanda insanlarla kaynamak, k羹lt羹re adapte olmak i癟in hep lokal bir yaam s羹rme taraftar覺 oldum. Amerikan fast food zincirleri ya da bat覺l覺 l羹ks restoranlar yerine hep lokal restoranlarda yedim, pop羹ler olmu halk yerlerinde gezdim, insanlar ne yap覺yorsa onlar覺 yapt覺m. yle ki yola 癟覺karken bir mp3 癟alar bile almad覺m yan覺ma. Bir m羹zik sevdal覺s覺 olarak bunu bilerek yapt覺m. M羹zikler yerine oralar覺n seslerini, insanlar覺n覺 ve dilini dinlemek istedim. Bazen s覺k覺lsam da istemesemde… Reklam yap覺p insanlara 羹r羹n satmak i癟in insanlar覺n ne konutuunu 羹lkedeki trendleri ya aral覺klar覺na g繹re pop羹ler olan kelimeleri g繹zlemlemek bu projede m羹zik dinlemekten daha 繹nemliydi pek tabi. Yaln覺z m羹zik dinlemek de gerekiyordu tabi t羹m montajlanacak o videolar i癟in. Bu lokal olma 癟al覺mas覺 bazen bu k覺yafet deiikliklerine kadar vard覺. Maddi g羹c羹m yettiince baz覺 羹lkelerde lokal k覺yafetler de edindim. Hatta oran覺n halk覺 giymeyi b覺rakm覺 olsa bile :) 襤te sol 羹stten sa alta doru bu liste: Hindistan, in, Sri Lanka, Birleik Arap Emirlikleri, Kolombiya, Guatemala, El Salvador.


The Faces You Haven’t Seen Before

In 2011 I have started a world trip with no money. Since then I met with brilliant people all round the world. For sure they are the secret heroes of Designer on the road project and I would like to thank them for being such AWESOME!

2011′de balayan yolculuun g繹r羹nmez kahramanlar覺ndan sadece baz覺lar覺. Yolculuum boyunca benden hi癟 bir yard覺m覺 ve destei esirgemeyen dostlar覺ma teekk羹r羹 bir bor癟 bilirim.

A message from China

My super sister is in China for her master degree and he did this video for me in my birthday! I love you sis!!

K覺z kardeimden muhteem doum g羹n羹 hediyesi. in’den bir mesaj.

This happened in China

An elevator somewhere in Beijing. I listened these things for 3 weeks. :)

in’de bir asans繹r. Teyzenin konumaya dikkat. Bu sesleri 3 hafta 癟ekmek kolay deildi.

Asian make-up

This comes from China. A real TV show. Don’t know what to say. :)

inliler makyajda son nokta dedirtti. Bu sahneler bir televizyon program覺ndan.

aromask logo

Bibi has a friend who is owner of a scent company. So we made a search from his web site and choose seven best scents which are related to our mask project. Since we have 7 scents I started to work on the logo. Here are some of them.

Bibi’nin bir arkada覺 var ve bu arkada覺n parf羹m 羹reten ve farkl覺 kokular yaratan bir irketi var. Biz de hemen irketin web sitesinden ilgimizi 癟eken bizim projemize uyan kokular覺 se癟tik. Onlara renkler verdik. Aromask i癟in 7 adet kokunun yeterli olaca覺na karar verdikten sonra logo 羹zerine 癟al覺maya balad覺k.

I was always trying to make things soft and colorful for the brand id.

Genel olarak yapmak istediimiz ey yumuak, elenceli ve renkli bir kurum kimlii yaratmakt覺.

But I tried different ways too.

Fakat baka yollar覺 da denedik.

Somewhere between softy and more serious.

Yumuak ve elenceli olal覺m derken bazen fazla 癟ocuk癟a eyler yap覺yoruz gibi geliyordu. O zaman biraz orta yolu bulmaya 癟al覺覺yordum.

Then I did a heptagon which includes all of our scent colors. A kind of scent chooser. Different colors for different scents. The symbols I used inside were all drafts to tell about the idea. They are not the finals for sure. Bibi and me both of us liked this idea but we thought the heptagon was too big and pictograms are anotherchallenge. Becase if we make it smaller we can’t have enough space to design these symbols for each scent. They will not be visible. So Wanted to go on this way with a more minimal way.

Bir 癟ok denemeden sonra 7 renk i癟in bir yedigen yap覺p her k繹esini farkl覺 renk yapma fikrini denedim. Her koku i癟in yedigenin i癟inde kokuyu anlatan bir piktogram ya da simge olacakt覺. Bibi bu fikri 癟ok sevdi ama yedigenler 癟ok b羹y羹kt羹. K羹癟羹lt羹rsek de i癟ine bir eyler yapacak kadar alan覺m覺z olmayacakt覺 ve pek okunur olaca覺n覺 d羹羹nm羹yorduk. Bu y羹zden ayn覺 yoldan daha minimal bir bi癟imde ilerlemeye karar verdik.

At the end I decided to color the scent text and the “O” letter in the logo. At bottom I put all other colors (scents) in circles by this way customers could understand we have more scent options.

Sonunda aroma yaz覺s覺n覺 renkli yap覺p dier renkleri (kokular覺) altta k羹癟羹k yuvarlaklar olarak g繹stermeye karar verdim. Logonun “O” harfini ise se癟ilen kokunun rengine yapt覺m.

Aromask package

You know in China many people using masks to avoid air pollution. But many other people don’t want to use them because they think they look like sick (which is true) So my idea was to make a new brand with these masks and add some more fashion in the concept. Kind of customizable masks with special pen and stickers. We tried many alternatives about package as you seen before but at the end wedecideto make things more simple and eco friendly. Because the previous ones were good looking but big and expensive. So for the mask project I came up with a eco friendly one piece of 200gr paper to hold everything. The pen, scent, stickers and mask. Everything is inside and safe. And I came with 3 different sets of aromas with possible colors. I named these aromas like instant noodles. They are a good way to escape from where ever you are. Just have a mask and breath well. Feel the mood.

Maske projesi i癟in 癟ok acayip ambalajlar denedik. Ama az yer kaplamas覺 ucuz ve 癟evre dostu olmas覺 bak覺m覺ndan daha kolay 癟繹z羹mlere y繹neldik. Sonu癟ta geldiimiz nokta 200 gr tek bir ka覺tla yap覺kan kullanmadan, kilit sistemine sahip ve i癟indeki her eyi ta覺yabilen bir paket oldu. Paketin 繹n羹 transparan. B繹ylece i癟erii g繹rebiliyorsunuz. Kalem ve stickerlarla maskenizi kiiselletirebilir, se癟tiiniz aroman覺n 繹zel kar覺覺m覺n覺 maskenize uygulayarak Beijing’in kirli havas覺 yerine egzotik mekanlar覺n havas覺n覺 soluyabilirsiniz.

This is the view of the main pieces of package. These graphics, texts and even pictograms just made for showing the idea. None of them are the final results of the package design.

Maskeyi ve yan 羹r羹nleri ta覺yan ana par癟alar. Burada kullan覺lan grafikler, metin ve piktogramlar sadece fikri patrona sunmak amac覺yla yap覺ld覺.

Big one

Here we are in Heaven temple with Lily from Amuse group. Entrance of Heaven temple is like a huge park. Lots of green space, people playing games, walking around. Super chill place.

Ajanstan arkada覺m Lily ile haftasonu Cennet tap覺na覺na gittik. Tap覺na覺n girii by羹k bir park havas覺 veriyor insana. Yemyeil mekan, oyun oynayan, y羹r羹yen insanlar, geleneksel m羹zikler eliinden dans edenler. Olduk癟a rahatlat覺c覺 bir ortam.

The first thing you will recognise about this temple is, it has a blue ceiling. So it looks pretty different than usual Chinese temples. I never imagined a blue ceiling in China before but you know what? It looks good.

Bu tap覺nakla ilgili dikkatinizi 癟ekecek ilk ey 癟at覺s覺n覺n mavi olmas覺. Mavi 癟at覺l覺 bir tap覺nak hi癟 d羹羹nmemitim. in tap覺naklar覺n覺n k覺rm覺z覺l覺 sar覺l覺 癟at覺lar覺ndan onlarca g繹rd羹kten sonra mavi g繹ze bata ilgin癟 geliyor ama bence gayet 覺k.

A group of people wanted to have photo with me and made a small interview about how I found Beijing and what I think about this place.

Bu grup benimle Beijing turizmi i癟in k羹癟羹k bir anket yapt覺 ve fotoraf 癟ekinmek istedi. Gezilcek 癟ok yer vard覺 ama arkadalar覺 k覺rmad覺m.

Me flaying in front of the Heaven temple :) Chinese people are usually shy. So when I do some crazy stuff they areusuallyshocked.

Tap覺nak 繹n羹ndeki u癟uum. inliler utanga癟 insanlar o y羹zden benim 癟覺lg覺nl覺klar覺m kar覺s覺nda genelde ok oluyorlar.

This is a typical Chinese roof. Green color was also special for the emperor and his family. Just like red and yellow. But what color people could use in old China? They say grey Not good.

Tipik 癟in stili 癟at覺 繹rnei. Tipik derken halk bu ekilde 癟at覺lara sahip olam覺yor yeil renk de t覺pk覺 sar覺 ve k覺rm覺z覺 gibi h羹k羹mdar ve ailesine mensupmu. Halk ne renk kullanabilirdi diyorum gri diyorlar :) Mor yapamaz m覺yd覺 mesela biri diyorum. Kimse yapmazd覺ki diyorlar. San覺r覺m h羹k羹mdara a覺k atmaktan korkuyorlarm覺.

Have a look inside of temple.

襤癟eriden bir kare.

You will see many kites fly in the sky and many people walking on the ground in China.

inde g繹ky羹z羹 u癟urtmalarla yery羹z羹 insanlarla dolu.

This tree was looking amazing. Looks like jumps from a Japanese anime. And the place where you stand on right picture is interesting. When you say something in that spot you hear your voice back very clearly but people around dont hear as you hear.

Bu aa癟 bana bir anime’nin i癟erisindeymiim gibi hissettirmiti. Muhteem kokusunu hissetmenizi 癟ok isterdim. Sadaki fotorafsa bir baka ilgin癟 olay. Bu yuvarla覺n i癟inde durup konuursan覺z sesiniz aynen size geri geri geliyor ama etraftaki insanlar bunu hi癟 duymuyor. Mimaride ilgin癟 in denemeleri :)

After the visiting Heaven temple, Lily took me a place where we can drink a special soup only avaible in Beijing. The importance of this soup is only some Beijing people love it. It smells bad and taste very strange so even Chinese people dont like it much. So it was another challange for me. I finished it and people in the restaurand surprised a lot.

Tap覺nak gezisinden sonra Lily bana sadece Beijingde bulunan 繹zel bir 癟orbadan i癟irdi. Bu 癟orban覺n 繹zelliiyse fazlas覺yla acayip bir tad覺n覺n olmas覺 ve k繹t羹 kokmas覺. Sadece Bijingde yaayan insanlar覺n bir k覺sm覺n覺n sevdii onun d覺覺nda inlelerden bile yeterli ilgiyi g繹rmemi olan bu 癟orbay覺 i癟ip kasemi bitirmek benim i癟in yeni bir s覺navd覺 ve bu s覺nav覺 da verdim. Daha 繹nce bu 癟orbay覺 b繹yle i癟ebilmi bir yabanc覺 g繹rmemi olmal覺lar ki beni ayakta alk覺lad覺lar.

This is the place where I drunk that soup. See it on upper right picture. Bottom right one the funniest Chinese vehicle I have ever seen. Check the logo :) 3 circles for three wheels. I hope audi will not see this one. Otherwise they can be pretty mad :)

Buras覺 癟orbay覺 i癟tiim yer. orba sa 羹stte g繹r羹nmekte. Sa alttaki eyse inde g繹rd羹羹m en apal ara癟. Logo ayr覺 bir olay. 3 teker i癟in 3 daire :) Umar覺m Audi bunu g繹rmez. Baya sinirlenebilirler.

This is another important area in Beijing named as summer palace.

Buras覺 da summer palace ad覺n覺 verdikleri ir baka tarihi ve 繹nemli bir yer.

Summer palace is a huge area. In the old times Chinese emperor and his family lived here in summer times. Because Forbidden city was too hot in the summers. So they also built this place like a summer house.

Eski zamanlardaYasak ehirde yaayan in h羹k羹mdar覺 ve ailesi i癟in yap覺lan bu mekan bir 癟eit yazl覺k g繹revi g繹r羹yordu. ehrin ortas覺nda bulunan Yasak ehir yazlar覺 癟ok s覺cak bir yer haline geliyordu ve bu y羹zden h羹k羹mdar ve ailesi yazlar覺 癟ok daha serin olmas覺 sebebiyle buraya ta覺n覺yorlard覺.

So many places in one day. I get used to it but mostly in Asian temples and old places they have lots of stairs. :) Sometimes its too much. Believe me.

Bazen bir g羹nde pe pee bir 癟ok yere gidiyorum. ikayet癟i deilim ama olduk癟a yorucu oluyor. Bitirici g羹n dediimiz bu g羹nlerden sonra eve var覺nca kendimi yataa nas覺l att覺覺m覺 hat覺rlam覺yorum diyebilirim. zellikle Asya 羹lkelerinde bu t羹r tarihi mekanlarda bol bol merdiven oluyor ve inan覺n bana bazen bu merdivenler adam覺 hayattan soutuyor.

But the good thing about stairs is, when you climb to the top, the thing you see always worth for the climbing part. So its like a award every time.

Bu merdivenlerin g羹zel taraf覺ysa t覺rman覺tan sonra yukarda g繹rd羹羹n羹z eyin her zaman bu efora demesi.

These figures on the roof tops are the sons of dragon.

at覺larda bulunan bu k羹癟羹k fig羹rler ejderhan覺n yavrular覺ym覺. 襤nan覺a g繹re Ejderin 9 olu varm覺.

Small long corridors are amazing beautiful. They give you a feeling like you are in an Asian movie.

Bu t羹r dar uzun koridorlara bay覺ld覺m. 襤nsan kendini bir Asya filminde gibi hissediyor.

Traditional roof tops. Looks breathtaiking. Beatiful architecture.

Geleneksel in 癟at覺lar覺 harika mimarisiyle nefes kesiyor.

Just look at the crafmenship on these roofs. Lots of work, hundreds of details. Big work.

at覺lardaki i癟ilik muhteem. Detaylar覺n, renklerin g羹zelliine ve 癟eitliliine bak覺n.

I think Chinese emperor had a good life with his 3000 wife.

in h羹k羹mdar覺 3000 cariyesi ile g羹zel vakitler ge癟irmi olmal覺.


This is one of these small corridors again

This must be the place where Bilbo Baggins is living. Cool door design . Loved it. It looks like a hobbit house.

A bird eye look to Summer palace.Absolutelyamazing view. I want to live as a Chinese emperor if there is a second life :)

Reankarnasyon falan varsa bir daha ki yaam覺mda in h羹k羹mdar覺 olabilirim. Harika bir yaam s羹r羹yormu 癟羹nk羹. u manzara onun sahip olduu yaam覺n sadece 癟ok k羹癟羹k bir par癟as覺.

No matter where it goes I really love to walk in these traditional walk ways.

Nereye gittiimin 繹nemi hi癟 yok ben bu dar koridorlarda y羹r羹meyi seviyorum.

A quick rest before we start to travel around, the lake where is locaded at out of Heaven temple.

K羹癟羹k bir mola. Merdiven inip 癟覺kmaktan nefesim kesildi.

I am trying to reach my friends with this funny looking phone cab.

Bu komik telefon kul羹besinden bir ka癟 arkadala konumay覺 ihmal etmedim.

We wanted to take a ride with these things but then we change our mind and wanted to take a walk on the bridge just like what local people does. I always prefer to hang around like local people instead of acting like a tourist.

Bu k羹癟羹k teknelerle bir tura 癟覺kal覺m diye d羹羹n羹rken fikrimizi deitirdik. 羹nk羹 ben lokal insanlar gibi o k繹pr羹y羹 y羹r羹yerek ge癟mek istedim. Genelde turistik olan deil de halk覺n se癟imi beni hep daha 癟ok 癟ekiyor.

Chinese emperor was obsessed with huge stones. This is an example on the bottom right picture. To carry this stone here Emperor had lots of sacrifices.

in h羹k羹mdar覺n覺n b羹y羹k talara olan s覺rad覺覺 ilgii ise olduk癟a a覺rt覺c覺. Sa altta g繹rd羹羹n羹z b羹y羹k ta覺 bir g羹n tesad羹fen kefeden h羹k羹mdar覺n bu ta覺 bah癟esine getirtmesi pek kolay olmam覺 ama sonunda baarm覺.

I think Summer palace is even more breathtaking than Forbidden city. If you come to Beijing one day. Never miss this place.

Bence Yasak ehirden bile daha nefes kesici olan Summer palace Beijing’e gelen herkesin g繹rmeden ayr覺lmamas覺 gereken bir yer.

Summer palace? Done! Arryuuken!


Another day another adventure. We are in a Chinese village to see how village people live comparing to big cities like Beijing. Alva and Eva are with me as usual :)

Yeni bir g羹n yeni bir macera. B羹y羹k ehirlerde inlilerin yaam覺n覺 g繹rd羹k anlad覺k sindirdik. Peki ya k繹yler de kasabalarda neler oluyor? 襤te bunlar覺 kefetmek Eva ve Alva ile k羹癟羹k bir in k繹y羹ndeyiz.

A Chinese baby looking me with full focus. Trying to understand where the hell I am from :)

inli bebein bana olan bak覺lar覺 uzun s羹re kesilmedi. Muhtemelen bu ilgin癟 adam da nereden 癟覺kt覺 diye d羹羹n羹yordur. Yanaklar yenmelik.

This is a popular transportation in Chinese villages. I don’t know what is the brand but it looks like a real drivers machine just 4 wheels, one engine and one steering wheel. Just like a Ferrari. :)

Bu ilgin癟 ara癟tan k繹ylerde bolca g繹rmek m羹k羹n hem insan hem y羹k ta覺mak i癟in ideal olan bu acayip ara癟lar覺n markas覺 modeli nedir bilmiyorum ama dikkat da覺t覺c覺 hi癟 bir donan覺ma sahip olmayan bu ara癟lar sadece d繹rt tekere, bir motora ve bir direksiyona sahip. T覺pk覺 bir Ferrari gibi. :) in versiyonu.

There are many people playing “Go” on streets. Me and my new Chinese friends seen on right side. :)

Sada inli arkadalar ve beni g繹rmektesiniz. Solda ise “Go” oynayan amcalar var. Bu amcalardan 10 metrede bir bir k繹ede g繹rmek m羹mk羹n.

China loves corn.

M覺s覺r yiyoruz evet.

A typical village house entrance seen on right.

Tipik bir k繹y evi girii sada. :)

See the ceilings they are mostly grey.

at覺lar genelde gri renk.

Cagri’s angels.

ar覺’n覺n melekleri.

Chinese workers having rest in the corner.

inli i癟ilerin molas覺.

This old looking street is like a background of a fighting game.

Street fighter’a fon olabilecek mekanlar buralar.

Long streets full of shops around. Lots of things to taste and try. Lovely people around. They are all happy to see you. Good times.

Ard覺 arkadas覺 kesilmeyen d羹kkanlarla dolu bu eski sokakta y羹r羹mek insana d羹nyan覺n 繹b羹r ucunda olduunu hat覺rlat覺yor.

These things make you remember that you are in the other side of the world. So far from home.

K羹lt羹r, yemekler, insanlar, giysiler, gelenekler ne kadar deiikse evden o kadar uzakta olduunuzu anl覺yorsunuz.

These shops looks like all same to me because I can’t read Chinese but when you check inside they are totaly different than the outlook. I was surprised when I found a mobilephone shop in one of them.

Bu d羹kkanlar d覺ar覺dan hep ayn覺 gibi g繹r羹nsede i癟eride hepsi farkl覺 eyler sat覺yorlar. Bir tanesine girip telefoncu olduunu g繹r羹nce baya a覺rm覺t覺m mesela.

Nice street to have a walk with friends.

Y羹r羹y羹 i癟in harika bir sokak.

Love traditional Chinese architecture.

Geleneksel in mimarisini seviyorum.

More go players around.

Sokaklarda Go oynayan insanlar覺 g繹rmek keyifli.

I discovered a noodle factory here. I was interesting to see how they create noodles.

Tesad羹fen bir noodle fabrikas覺 kefettim. Noodle 羹retiminin inceliklerini g繹rmek ilgin癟ti.

Amuse Group

This is where I worked in Beijing. One of the coolest ones I have been. Amuse group. A local agency but have lots of big clients and lots of great ideas. My boss Bibi Ho is another issue. He is a super kind very creative guy. Will miss everybody in the company for sure.

Buras覺 Beijing’de 癟al覺t覺覺m ajans Amuse group. Lokal bir ajans olmas覺na kar覺n global m羹terilere sahip ve bu iki kar覺覺m ortaya harika sonu癟lar 癟覺kar覺yor. al覺t覺覺m en harika yerlerden biriydi. zellikle Patronum Bibi Ho, d羹nyada kalm覺 nadir insanlardan biri. ok 繹zel bir insan.

Chinese hero

Designer on the road becomes a super hero in China.

in’de kahraman oldum, Bu da kan覺t覺d覺r :)