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About me

Now that you clicked this part you obviously want to learn something about me. Well, what can I say?

Nowadays I’m trying to make a world trip with the power of design, with this real survival I want to prove that I can work, design and live anywhere in the world. Also I believe that this adventure will blow my skills and my vision as well. But before this project…

I’m a well known art director based in Istanbul. Iwas born on Jan. 01 1984. Graduated from Anatolian Fine Arts High School & Dokuz Eyl羹l University Fine Arts Faculty / Graphic design department. I have worked in many different areas from game developmentcompanies to ad agencies. My works are also honored by many popular design magazines,books, portals, workshops and competitions around the world.

I spend much of my time making nice things. Simplicity and clarity is what I aim for whendesigning, making things easier for people to understand and use. I believe thingsshould be cool, easy and covered with a bright idea.

Some of the clients I have worked for; Alfa Romeo / Aygaz / Aviva SA / Burger King / CNR Expo /Danone / GSC Game World / Hillside / Iddaa / ING Bank / Iveco / Karag繹z / Papia / Patlican / Avea / Silvium / SinemaTV / Topaz / Yatas and many others…

You can view my selected works from my portfolio page; or you can just jump directly to my behance account.

To check out my cv please click here.

I’ve worked for both local and international clients, from small startups to large firms andwith every client I find it immensely rewarding bringing the ideas into life we develop together.I really enjoy what I do, if you would like to work with me thencontact with me and we’ll go from there.