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Studying showrooms

A world famous bikes company came to us and asked to re-design their showrooms. Before starting this project, we wanted to see what other brands were doing with their showrooms. Then we visited some bike and car showrooms to check what kind of materials and things they are using or what kind of ambience they have. We took some notes and we recorded some videos secretly. :) Here is the video, enjoy!

D羹nyan覺n en b羹y羹k ikinci motor 羹reticisi bizden Hindistan’daki t羹m galerilerinin yeniden tasarlanmas覺n覺 talep etti. Bu b羹y羹k projeye balamadan 繹nce ehirde bol bol dier markalar覺n galerilerini gezip inceleme karar覺 ald覺k. Her maaza sonras覺 sevdiimiz ve sevmediimiz eyleri not ald覺k. Ben bir yandan gizli gizli videolar 癟ektim. Ofise geldiimizde bu videolar覺 k羹癟羹k bir montajdan ge癟irdim ve b繹ylece 2. toplant覺m覺zda m羹terimize g繹sterebileceimiz bir videomuz oldu.

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