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Sometimes somebody appears and changes your mood

Sometimes people can have difficult moments no matter where you are or what your role is in this world. In this dark moments with full of pain, it’s so priceless when a stranger pops up in front of you from adifferentpart of the world and cheer you up or share your pain and cry together. Believe me.

Kim olursak olal覺m, nerede ne yap覺yorsak olal覺m bazen hayat bizleri fena s覺n覺yor. ok zorland覺覺m覺z ve ne yapaca覺m覺z覺 bilemediimiz bu anlarda kara kara d羹羹n羹rken d羹nyan覺n bir ucundan gelen bir yabanc覺 size sar覺l覺p neenizi yerine getirdiinde, sizi d羹t羹羹n羹z yerden tutup kald覺rd覺覺nda problemlerle savamak i癟in 1 round daha kazan覺yor sanki insan. Ve ite o bir round var ya. T羹m fark覺 yaratan da o. biliyorum 癟羹nk羹 ayn覺s覺n覺 ben de yaad覺m.

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