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Some interesting things in Indian cinema

In India, you see a scanned paper for a second before every advertising in cinemas. It’s also same for the movies it self. It’s a kind of paper to prove that they have taken permission to show that commercial or movie. That’s pretty interesting. Sometimes people clap hands or shout when something funny happens in the movies. It’s very entertaining. There is one more thing too. Sometimes India’s national anthem starts with a special video just before the movies. So everybody stands up in the cinema and waits till the end of national anthem.

Hint sinemas覺yla ilgili ilgin癟 bir ka癟 g繹zlemimi paylamak isterim. Sinemaya gittiinizde filmden 繹nce y羹z tane reklam d繹n羹yor. Bu reklamlar覺n her birinden 繹nce yukar覺da g繹rd羹羹n羹z taranm覺 ka覺t size 1-2 saniyeliine g繹steriliyor. Bu ka覺t reklam覺n orada oynat覺lmas覺 i癟in al覺nm覺 yasal bir izin belgesi. Ayn覺 ey film balamadan 繹nce filmler i癟in de yap覺l覺yor. Ayr覺ca filmde olan komik ya da ilgin癟 olaylara kar覺 seyirciler ba覺rarak ya da alk覺 tutarak tepki verebiliyor. Filmlerden 繹nce bazen milli mar 癟al覺yorlar. Eer bu olursa herkes ayaa kalk覺yor ve milli mara ayakta elik ediyor.

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