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Siman cards


Siman is the biggest shopping mall in El Salvador. They were planning to launch a new card for young people. Since the target group is people aged between 18 to 30 I named the cards as -30 and did several designs. First one I did was a transparent card. Second one was a card which changes it’s color by theenvironmenttemperaturejust like the sweaters we had in 80′s :) All other alternatives are different options for young people to choose from.

Siman adl覺 bir al覺veri merkezi var El Salvador’da. K繹t羹 logolu bu dev al覺veri merkezi gen癟ler i癟in yeni bir kart 癟覺karmak istiyormu. Gen癟ler i癟in d羹羹k limitli bir kart. 18-30 ya aras覺n覺 hedefledikleri i癟in isimini de -30 koydum. eit 癟eit renkli kartlar覺m覺z olsun gen癟ler istediini se癟sin dediler ben de hay hay dedim. Bunlar d覺覺nda bir de effaf olan ve 覺s覺ya g繹re rengi deien kartlar d羹羹nd羹m. T覺pk覺 80′lerdeki kazaklar gibi.

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