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Ok we are in Palmares before I tell you what it actually is, I want to say you it’s about three things. 1) Girls 2) Horses 3) Beers

Palmares’e geldik. Geldik de nedir bu Palmares? Anlatmadan 繹nce bir 繹nbilgi veriyim. Palmares 3 eyle ilgili. 1) K覺zlar 2) Atlar 3) Bira

Palmares team. :) Ok what is Palmares? Palmares is a town actually. But it’s also the name of a crazy festival. This is the world’s second big festival in terms of the number of beers that have been drunk.

Palmares tak覺m覺. :) Peki Palmares nedir? Ufac覺k bir ehir, fakat ayn覺 zamanda 癟覺lg覺n bir festivalin de ad覺. Bu festival d羹nyan覺n en fazla bira t羹ketilen ikinci festivali…

In the hills of Costa Rica, the little town of Palmares has a national reputation for both horse riding and partying. Not surprisingly the Palmares Festival is one of the most anticipated traditional festivals on the Costa Rican calendar, continuing the Christmas party right into the new year. Beginning in the second week of January visitors can experience local food and drink, music, dance, parades, fireworks and of course Costa Rican bullfighting and horse parades. The parade of lanterns and the Palmarin Soccer Cup are also popular events that open the festivities. Be sure to cover up though, watching horse parades in the Summer sun with a little food and drink could get quite exhausting.

Palmares adl覺 bu k羹癟羹k masum k繹y, her sene oca覺n ikinci haftas覺 gibi o masumluu ve sessizlii bir kenara at覺p t羹m d羹nyadan 癟覺lg覺n insanlar覺 a覺rl覺yor. Konserler, dans partileri, boa g羹releri, tonla at ve sarho yar覺 癟覺kplak k覺z buran覺n 繹nemli olay覺. Herkesin kovboy gibi giyinmesi de olay覺n bir par癟as覺.

Toilet’s are expensive here :)

Tuvaleti az ve pahal覺 yaparsan覺z olaca覺 bu.

It ranks 2nd in most beer consumed in a yearly festival(after Oktoberfest)

Oktober fest’den sonra d羹nyan覺n en 癟ok bira t羹ketilen festivali.

Get ready to smell lots of horse shit here :) However you will get used to it after some time…

At d覺k覺s覺 kokusu bata biraz can覺n覺z覺 s覺kabilir ama zamanla kaybolup gidiyor, ya da burnunuz hissizleiyor :)

This yellow busses are very popular in Costa Rica. I love them.

Amerikan filmlerindeki bu sar覺 okul otob羹sleri burada pek pop羹ler. Her yerde g繹receksiniz.

Festival starts with thousands of horses walking in the same way together.

Festival binlerce at覺n ayn覺 yoldan y羹r羹yerek insanlar覺 selamlamalar覺yla bal覺yor.

Party area. This places gets a bit more crazy at night with Bachata and Reggaeton dances.

Parti geceleri azg覺n Reggaeton dans覺yla daha bir cokulu oluyor.

Bus art. Jesus save truck drivers.

襤sa kamyoncular覺 otob羹sc羹leri korusun temal覺 癟al覺ma.


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