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One man, multiple cultures…


One man, multiple cultures! Designer on the road started his trip in 2011 and since then he has traveled more than 95.000 km without any personal saving. Worked and survived more than 30 different cities. Gave more than 20 presentations around the world and now he is about to come with one last route. Route 4!

Tek adam, bir癟ok k羹lt羹r! 2011′de yolculuuna balayan Designer on the road bug羹ne kadar kiisel bir birikimi olmadan 95.000 km katetti. 30′u ak覺n ehirde 癟al覺arak hayatta kald覺 ve 20′yi ak覺n platformda sunum yapt覺. imdi son bir ey kald覺. Rota 4!

06 Temmuz 2013 Yorum Yap覺lmam覺 Short URL

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