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Mesnica logo and website project


Mesnica means butcher in Croatian. It’s a meat brand where you can buy high quality organic meats online.The interesting thing about Mesnica is they sell game meats mostly. Game means wild animals like boar and deer instead of cow and chicken. It is a new start up brand so I worked on it’s branding and website interface in the agency Brlog.

Mesnica H覺rtvatca kasap anlam覺na gelen bir kelime. Haliyle et satan bir kurumdan bahsediyoruz. Mesnica’n覺n ilgin癟 y繹n羹 ise etleri sadece internet 羹zerinden sat覺yor olmalar覺 ve etlerin yaban domuzu ve geyik gibi hayvan etleri oluu. al覺mad覺覺m bir tek vahi hayvan eti satan bir kasap kalm覺t覺. Onu da tamamlad覺k resmen.


As the corporate colors and identity concept, I came up red and dark brown, using them on a craft paper texture all the time.

ncelikle kraft ka覺d覺, koyu k覺rm覺z覺 ve kahverenginden oluan konseptte karar k覺ld覺m ve bu y繹nde m羹teri i癟in 4 farkl覺 alternatif logo tasarlad覺m.


I also tried to design the logo as stamp friendly so they can put stamps on the packages and papers to keep nice looking branded look in every piece.

Logolar覺 genelde damga olarak da kullan覺labilecek ekilde tasarlad覺m ki kraft ka覺d覺 羹zerinde damgalar kullanarak etleri g繹nderebilirler.


Tried some western feelings as well.

Vahi bat覺 temas覺ndan da yararland覺覺m anlar oldu.


The website sample I did for Mesnica.

Mesnica i癟in tasarlad覺覺m 繹rnek websitesi aray羹z羹.

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