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Kebab connection

Designer on the road working as a kebab master in Seoul as secondary job. :) Just kidding. Yes, as you can see I found one more kebab place in Korea. I entered the place with hopes to eat some nice kebab. But the owner was from Iran. People from different nations opening kebab restaurants all around the world with using Turkey as shop names. But no Turkish inside. What a disappointment. And Kebab is not kebab. Really. I can’t compare these things with Turkish kebab. This is another thing for me. So I took the knife and turn on my turkish kebab skills but I didn’t like the result again. I think the meat is problem. Even the knife is not kebab knife which we use in Turkey. I want to say again. This is not real kebab. If you want to eat real kebab, come to Turkey! (Bursa city is the best place to eat kebab)

Designer on the road 2. i olarak d繹nercilie de balad覺 arkadalar :) Saka bir yana Seoul’da bulduum bu d繹ner restoran覺 Istanbul yaz覺s覺 ve T羹rk bara覺yla 2 kilometreden dikkatimi 癟ekti. Ancak i癟eri girince d羹kkan sahibinin Iran’l覺 oluu ve kebab覺n asl覺nda kebabla alakas覺 olmayan baka bir ey olduunu g繹rmek ger癟ekten hayal k覺r覺kl覺覺 oldu. Ben de Iranl覺 kardeimizi kenara al覺p b覺癟aklar覺 elime al覺verdim. Ger癟ek kebab b繹yle olur kardeim eklinde kendisine k羹癟羹k bir ders verecektimki, ne b覺癟ak adam gibi b覺癟ak, ne et doru d羹zg羹n et. Olmad覺 yapamad覺m. Ama Iranl覺dan iyiydim. Helal bana.

21 Kas覺m 2011 Yorum Yap覺lmam覺 Short URL

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