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When I came to Lowe, first day our creative director Bikram showed me this print ad which they did for Johnson’s baby milk bath. He asked me to do some quick alternative layouts and I did these ones you see at bottom. First I was doing more graphical solutions but client wanted to see mother and child picture in a sweet way.

Lowe’da ilk g羹n羹mde yarat覺c覺 y繹netmenimiz Bikram bana Johnson’s baby i癟in yapt覺klar覺 bu ilan覺 g繹sterip g羹n i癟inde bir ka癟 alternatif de benim 癟al覺mam覺 istedi. Bende taslak olarak aa覺da g繹rd羹klerinizi yapt覺m. Bata daha grafik eyler yap覺yordum ama ilanda anne ve 癟o癟uun sevimli fotoraf覺 olmak zorundaym覺. O y羹zden damardan y羹r羹d羹k.

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