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In-House multimedia

This is In-House multimedia College. Second address for my presentation “Do it now not later.”

In-House multimedya koleji. Sonra deil imdi yap sunumum i癟in ikinci adres.

I don’t have the mac converter for the projector. They didn’t have it too. So they gave me a pc to make my presentation. Here I was trying to set things.

Projekt繹r i癟in mac 癟eviricim yok. 襤lgin癟 ki okulunda yokmu. Bana bir pc verip sunumu onda yapmam覺 istediler. Ayarlamak biraz zor oldu ama bir ekilde sunumu yapt覺m.

After presentation. Signing my cards for the students. :)

Sunum sonras覺 繹rencilere kartlar覺m覺 imzalad覺m.

Student names in my hand again

Eller gene doldu.

A super day together with In-House Multimedia students.

rencilerle birlikte s羹per bir g羹n.

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