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Hi to Korean girl bands

You know I share popular music videos of places I go everytime. Now it’s time for Korean pop music. See what kind of things are popular in Korea nowadays. But I have to warn you these girls are HOT! Watch out! :) And as you can see the quality of production and choreography is much better then Thailand and Vietnam here. Now you can understand why Korean pop bands are so popular around all Asia.

Bildiiniz gibi her gittiim yerden oran覺n pop羹ler ark覺lar覺n覺 sizlerle payla覺yorum. Su ara Kore’de neler d繹n羹yor g繹rmek istiyorsan覺z buyrunuz. :) Ancak uyarmam gerek bu k覺zlar baya ateli. Designer on the road olas覺 bir kalp krizi kar覺s覺nda y羹k羹ml羹 deildir. :) Prod羹ksiyon ve koreografi konusundaki kalite ise dier Asya 羹lkelerine g繹re 癟ok daha 羹st羹n. Simdi neden bu gruplarin Asya’da bu kadar pop羹ler olduklar覺n覺 anlayabiliyorum.

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