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I remember this. We were in Hard rock again, drinking, dancing and all these stuff as usual.

Bu kareyi hat覺rl覺yorum. Gene Hard rock’a gitmitik, her zamanki gibi i癟iyorduk.

After dinner a guy came to our table with cowboy costume, he offered some tequila shots and we didn’t refuse. But we didn’t know that these were the most expensive tequila shots in the world :) Each shot costed us more than 300 rupees. I was quite dizzy but I still remember the price. OMG!

Yemekten sonra masam覺za kovboy kost羹ml羹 羹zerinde bardaklar as覺l覺 bir adam geldi bize tekila teklif etti. bizde eywallah karde dedik. D羹nyan覺n en pahal覺 tekilas覺n覺 i癟tiimizi bilmiyorduk. Her tekila bize 300 k羹s羹r rupi’ye m璽l oldu.

After paying that huge bill in Hard Rock we went out to find another place… I don’t know why we were running like maniac? Maybe an effect of that bill made us to run out of that place…

Hard Rock’dan 癟覺k覺p baka bir yere gitmeye karar verdik. Niye kouyorduk onu hi癟 hat覺rlam覺yorum.

I don’t really remember the name of this place. After we paid the entrance fee we had our free beers this is what I remember.

Buray覺 hat覺rlam覺yorum. Ad覺n覺 hat覺rlamad覺覺m bu mekana giri 羹cretliydi ama 羹cret kar覺l覺覺 bira bedavayd覺.

Look at how A癟elya looking at me and imagine how I really dance. :)

A癟elya’n覺n bana bak覺覺na dikkat edin. :)

G繹rkem is making our signature moves as always. Epic dance moves.

G繹rkem bu hareketleri benden 繹rendi ama beni ge癟ti diyebilirim. :)

Who are you? A癟elya? Where are you?

Kimsin sen? A癟elya? Neredesin?

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