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Game&Art festival 2012 KL

Designers desk in Game and Art festival 2012 you see on left pictures. At right you see designer toys from Dweey.Dweey is a brand created by Luk Chee Chew from Fusionwave, 2005. The brand started from a little cartoon character and slowly turns into a designer vinyl toy brand under Toy Minister. To know more about Dweey :

Solda etkinlik boyunca tasar覺mc覺lar覺n yer ald覺覺 masay覺 g繹r羹yorsunuz. Sada tasar覺mc覺 oyuncaklar覺 yer al覺yor. Bu oyuncaklar Dweey taraf覺ndan 羹retilen irin mi irin fig羹rler. Daha fazla bilgi i癟in:

Dota 2 tournament was one of the most important parts of the festival. Many many players had wars during 3 days here. T-shirts you see on right painted by famous artist Pocotee.

3 g羹n s羹ren festival boyunca oyuncular Dota 2 turnuvas覺nda b羹y羹k 繹d羹l i癟in zirveye oynad覺lar.

Scenes from Dota 2 tournament.

Dota 2 turnuvas覺ndan g繹r羹nt羹ler.

It was interesting to hear players screams or shouts sometimes.

Oyuncular覺n arada ba覺r覺p 癟a覺rmas覺 elenceli bir ortam yarat覺yordu.

Here is Lisa next to me. She is an awesome talented artist. Her art is more about fashion and female models. I like her unique style. She is also teaching art in some universities of Kuala Lumpur. More info about her:

Lisa lokal ve 癟ok yetenekli bir sanat癟覺. 襤leri feminen, kad覺n d羹nyas覺 ve moda 羹zerine. Baz覺 羹niversitelerde derslere de giriyor. Daha fazla bilgi i癟in sitesi udur:

Hand made designer on the road notebook. I will give this to a lucky student in my next presentation who ever asks the best question. Let’s see.

Bir sonraki sunumumda en s羹per soruyu soran ansl覺 bir 繹renci el yap覺m覺 bu designer on the road defterinin sahibi olacak. Hadi bakal覺m.

Abs Lee. A fashion designer from KL who wants to learn more about my world trip and how to chase after dreams :) We talked more than 1 hour about design, dreams, clients, cultures and everything.

Abs Lee bir moda tasar覺mc覺s覺. Organizasyona s覺rf beni g繹rmek i癟in gelmi. 1 saat kadar sohbet ettik kendisiyle.

Dota 2 awards and gifts you see on left. At upper right you see my postcards. And bottom right Pocotee painting a t-shirt. Here is her facebook fan page:

Solda Dota 2 繹d羹llerini g繹r羹yorsunuz. Sa 羹stte benim kartpostallar sa altta ise Pocotee gene t-shirt 羹zerine akrilik 癟al覺覺yor.

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