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Designer on the bed

I was not feeling well and felt the need to go to a doctor, just to make sure that there was nothing seriously wrong with my health and ‘the designer stays on the road’:-). Unfortunately it was a Sunday and most of the doctors have their weekly off. I asked Nachiket and he said that we could go to his family doctor’s residence since the doctor was his dad’s childhood friend. We immediately called up the doctor and me along with Nachiket and his Dad were there at his beautiful residence. He checked me up and gave me some medicines and then we had a good conversation about Turkey and I also learnt that doctor was a avid traveller, he loved reading about and visiting new places. Luckily I was carrying a Devil’s Eye with me and I thought it will be appropriate to gift him one in order to show my gratitude towards the wonderful way he treated me. Thanks Doc ! I will never forget you and your beautiful house.

Ge癟en g羹n kendimi hasta hissettim ve bir doktora g繹r羹nmek istedim. Pazar g羹n羹 doktor bulmak zor olduu i癟in Nachiket’in babas覺 aile doktorunu arayarak ii 癟繹zd羹. Doktora, param olmad覺g覺n覺 ve paras覺z d羹nyay覺 dolamaya 癟al覺an bir tasar覺mc覺 olduumdan bahsettim. Hikayem olduk癟a ilgisini 癟ekti. Cebimden nazar boncuklu bir duvar s羹s羹 癟覺kard覺m ve bu senin ofisini k繹t羹l羹klerden ve k覺skan癟 bak覺lardan koruyacak dedim :) Para yerine muayene 羹creti olarak bunu kabul eden doktorum, seni ve mekan覺n覺 癟ok sevdim. Ila癟lar i癟in de ekstra teekk羹rler. Ho癟akal.

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