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Condom pitch

When i arrived to Lowe Vietnam some months ago, I started to work for a condom pitch as I told you before. We worked in two seperate ways for the client with a nice big team work which includes: Creative director: Kumkum Fernando (Known as Kumkum the greatest) – Art directors: Mark David Biffi & Cagri Cankaya – Copy writers: Zenith Aya Phuong & Quynh Nga. Both of the campaigns were amazing. These ones belongs the one of them.

Lowe Vietnam’da ie balad覺覺mda dahil olduum ilk proje prezervatif konkuruydu. Prezervatifin Vietnam’da kullan覺m覺n覺n yayg覺nlat覺r覺lmas覺 amac覺yla balanan kampanyaya b羹y羹k bir ekiple iki farkl覺 yoldan ilerledik. Bu iler ilk yoldan baz覺 繹rneklerdi. Tak覺m demiken: Yarat覺c覺 y繹netmen: Kumkum Fernando (kendisi Kumkum the greatest olarak da bilinir) Sanat y繹netmenleri: Mark David Biffi & Cagri Cankaya – Metin yazarlar覺: Zenith Aya Phuong & Quynh Nga

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