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Making of the character “Tabaha”

Designer on the road is telling how he became the game character “Tabaha” by himself.

Designer on the road’un kendi az覺ndan bir oyun karakteri Tabaha’n覺n hikayesi…

Me as “Tabaha”


I was in Ukraine – Kiev last year. I had an old friend there named Ilya Tolmachev. He launched his own independent game development studio named: “Flying Cafe For Semianimals” With a small team and low budget he worked so hard to complete his dream game project: “Cradle” During my “Designer on the road” journey I went to Ukraine to help his team for the game as well. Well these guys were working on this thing for long time and I was there for a couple of weeks. However I am happy with what I have been added. My days in Ukraine were quite busy. I did some small texture paintings and 10 different logos for the levels of the game. More to that I became one of the important characters of the game. It’s an old, crabby, unhappy robot named: “Tabaha.” It was my first time to give life to a 3D character and it went quite good. My mimics and way I talk captured and imported to Tabaha’s animations. We are all happy with the result and I am so passioned to see Tabaha in the final game. To me it became of the things I proud of, well how many people in this world can be a video game character right? Anyway the game is almost completed and I can’t wait to put my hands on it. Want to see how Ilya and his team polished the game since I left the studio. Actually it is an interesting game. A game with first person perspective but have no guns, no bombs or no killing… It’s about a great storyline, emotions, beautiful landscapes and futuristic designs. It’s like an interactive book in an alternative universe. And it’s going to show the world that video games can be much more than shooting people in the face.

Ge癟tiimiz y覺l Ukrayna-Kiev’deydim. Eski bir Ukraynal覺 dostum hayallerinin peinden giderek zaman覺nda birlikte 癟al覺t覺覺m覺z oyun irketindeki pozisyonundan istifa etti ve kendi ba覺ms覺z oyun irketi olanFlying Cafe For Semianimals’覺 kurdu. Amac覺 y覺llard覺r hayalini kurduu ilgin癟 bir oyun projesini hayata ge癟irmekti. Ben de ona bu amac覺nda destek olmak i癟in s覺n覺rl覺 bir s羹re onun st羹dyosundayd覺m. Bir oyun yapmak tabi ki y覺llar s羹ren ac覺l覺 ve sanc覺l覺 bir s羹re癟 ancak benim orada sadece 2 haftam vard覺. 2 hafta i癟inde oyunun b繹l羹mleri i癟in 10 ayr覺 logo tasar覺m覺 ve b繹l羹mlerde kullan覺lmak 羹zere 癟eitli dokular tasarlad覺m. Bir oyun dergisi ve bir televizyon program覺na konuk oldum. Daha da 繹nemlisi oyundaki ana karakterlerden birine can verdim. Ad覺 “Tabaha” olan bu karakter asl覺nda huysuz, aksi ve eski bir robot. Hi癟bir eyden mutlu olmayan Tabaha’y覺 oynamak benim gibi her eyden 癟ok mutlu olan biri i癟in biraz zorlay覺c覺yd覺. Ama sonu癟 t羹m ekibi fazlas覺yla memnun etti. Tabaha tasar覺m, mimik ve konuma bi癟imi olarak bana hayli benziyor. Oyun sonunda bitmek 羹zere ve ben dahil t羹m gelitirme ekibi nefeslerimizi tutmu durumday覺z. Dorusu ben st羹dyodan ayr覺ld覺ktan sonra oyunda daha nas覺l cilalanmalar yap覺ld覺 癟izdiim dokular nerelerde kullan覺ld覺 ve Tabaha’n覺n hikayedeki yeri nas覺l baland覺 merakla bekliyorum. Bakal覺m i癟inde hi癟 bir silah, bomba, 繹ld羹rme olmayan bu macera oyunu d羹nyaya oyunlar覺n kimseyi surat覺ndan vurmadan da elenceli olabileceini g繹sterebilecek mi…

Greenlight for Cradle

Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 16.47.49

Theindependent game project “Cradle” I have worked for in Ukraine with “Flying cafe for semianimals”had great votes from gamers and got the greenlight in Steam! I am also one of the main characters in the game and I am so curious to see my self in the game.

Ukrayna’da benim de 羹zerinde 癟al覺t覺覺m ayr覺ca bir karakteri canland覺rd覺覺m ba覺ms覺z oyun projemiz Cradle, halk覺n oylar覺yla Steam’den yeil 覺覺k ald覺. Oyunda kendi karakterimi g繹rmek i癟in sab覺rs覺zlan覺yorum.

The Faces You Haven’t Seen Before

In 2011 I have started a world trip with no money. Since then I met with brilliant people all round the world. For sure they are the secret heroes of Designer on the road project and I would like to thank them for being such AWESOME!

2011′de balayan yolculuun g繹r羹nmez kahramanlar覺ndan sadece baz覺lar覺. Yolculuum boyunca benden hi癟 bir yard覺m覺 ve destei esirgemeyen dostlar覺ma teekk羹r羹 bir bor癟 bilirim.

Help Cradle to get on Steam

Hello people. I need a favor from all of you. You know the video game project I have worked in Ukraine. It’s named “Cradle” made by a newindependentgame development studio “Flying cafe for semianimals”. I’m also one of the main characters of the game. You can see me at left picture while we were recording my mimics for the character’s facial animations. The game is in beta stage right now and we want to publish it via Steam. Now it’s in Steam Green light section. They are collecting votes from gamers to decide about publish it there. I just hoped you can make a difference and make things easy for the development team. If you have a Steam account please enter the link below and click on YES button to question: “Would you buy this game if it were available in Steam?”

Here is the link:

Selam arkadalar. Benimde gelitirme ekibinde bulunduum Ukraynal覺 ba覺ms覺z oyun gelitirme st羹dyosu Flying cafe for semianimals’覺n ilk oyunu olan Cradle beta s羹recine ulat覺. Oyunda benim de bir karakterim bulunuyor :) Biz bu oyunun Steam 羹zerinden de sat覺lmas覺n覺 istiyoruz. Steam ise bunun i癟in bir oylama yap覺yor. D羹羹nd羹m ki burada Steam hesab覺 olan dostlar覺m覺z bize oy vererek yard覺m edebilir. Yukar覺da verdiim linke t覺klay覺p orada bulunan Yes butonuna t覺klaman覺z bunun i癟in yeterli. imdiden teekk羹r eder sevgiler sunar覺m.


DOR in Tv of Ukraine

Designer on the road was in the development team of Cradle as a texture artist and graphic designer. Ukrainian Tvchannel made an interview with us and here it is. I am at the end so keep calm :)

Ukrayna televizyonunun Designer on the road ve Cradle gelitirme ekibiyle yapt覺覺 r繹portaj. Ben sonlara doru 癟覺k覺yorum :)

More of Kiev

Kiev has big trees. Left picture was my view out of window where I stayed in 2006.

Kiev aa癟la, yeillikle dolu bir ehir. Sol fotoraf 2006′da kald覺覺m evin penceresinden 癟ekilmiti.

Ukrainianmothers are much different than Turkish ones.

Ukrayna’da anne konsepti bizim 羹lkemizdekiyle 繹rt羹m羹yor.

Left picture is a statue in the middle of a small pool located in city centre. Classic auto gallery is in right picture. My friend etin would like to see this place.

Arabalar覺n her t羹rl羹s羹n羹 seviyoruz. Klasik, modern ne varsa…

Famous Lovers’ bridge in Kiev, Ukraine. Where loving couples express their feelings by putting padlocks and stripes on the railings as well as painting their names and hearts everywhere. It is also a popular place for suicide between platonic lovers.

Buras覺 羹nl羹 a覺klar k繹pr羹s羹. Sevgililer, a覺klar falan hep gelip buraya aklar覺yla ilgili notlar yaz覺yorlar, bal覺yorlar, kilitliyorlar… Ak覺na kar覺l覺k bulamay覺p buradan kendisi atan da 癟ok oluyormu.

This is Mother Motherland monument in Kiev city, Ukraine. It is already 40 years old and at the moment it was finished it was the tallest statue in the world. It is taller than the Statue of Liberty in New York.

D羹nyan覺n en b羹y羹k heykelinin Kiev’de olduunu biliyor muydunuz? New York’da bulunan zg羹rl羹k an覺t覺ndan k覺l覺癟 boyuyla daha uzun olan bu heykelimizin ad覺 “Mother Motherland”

A smallamusementpark of Kiev.

Kiev’de k羹癟羹k bir lunapark.

Under the bigmonument there is a huge World War II meseum. In the outside gallery you can see all war machines.

Dev an覺t覺n alt覺nda konulanm覺 devasa bir ikinci d羹nya sava覺 m羹zesi bizleri bekliyor.

Museum has two parts. Outside and inside. So big machines are all outside. Weapons, items and equipments are all inside.

D覺ar覺da b羹y羹k makinalar覺 gezebilir hatta baz覺lar覺n覺n i癟ine bile girebilirsiniz. M羹zenin i癟 k覺sm覺ndaysa silahlar, kullan覺lan ayg覺tlar ve k覺yafetler bulunmakta.

Scenes from outside.

M羹zenin d覺覺ndan g繹r羹nt羹ler.

War. Such an ugly thing. But sometimes I think of what if they didn’thappened? Lots of art works, movies, games even sometechnologieswe have today. They all came with wars. I don’t know is it worth it or not. But that’s not the issue. Issue is even in the worst things there is something good there. If not, there will be.

Savalar ne kadar iren癟 eyler olsada. Bazen ikinci d羹nya sava覺n覺n olmad覺覺n覺 d羹羹n羹yorum ve d羹nyadaki eser say覺s覺nda ne kadar b羹y羹k bir kay覺p yaan覺rd覺 diye hayal ediyorum. 襤kinci d羹nya sava覺 temal覺 o kadar 癟ok yap覺t var ki yer y羹z羹nde. Sanat覺n da bu savalardan 癟ok beslendii bir ger癟ek hatta bir 癟ok teknolojinin de savalar sayesinde bulunmas覺 ve gelitirilmesi biraz ironik bir durum. Mesela internet. Bu blog belki de hi癟 var olmayacakt覺.

There are two kissing tanks in the garden. They symbolize peace. Children paint them. In right picture you see a piece of bred. That bred was the real size of a daily food of citizens given by the army.

Bah癟ede 2 tank var. ocuklar bunlar覺 boyuyorlar. Tankalar覺n 繹p羹t羹r羹lmesi bar覺覺 sembolize ediyormu. Sada g繹rd羹羹n羹z ekmek par癟as覺 savata halk覺n kii ba覺 g羹nl羹k yemek hakk覺yd覺.

Right photo is a glove made from real human skin. You know what are the left ones.

Sada insan derisinden yap覺lm覺 bir eldiven g繹r羹yorsunuz. Naziler 繹l羹 d羹man askerlerini deerlendirmek konusunda olduk癟a yarat覺c覺larm覺.

Hitler army was making Soap from dead enemysoldiers.

Eldiven yetmemi cesetleri kullanarak sabun da 羹retmiler. Solda bu sabunlardan birini g繹r羹yorsunuz. Sa da ise pedal g羹c羹yle 癟al覺an telsiz.

St. Andrew’s Church on right.

St. Andrew’s klisesi sada.

Machine on the right is made to kill people and take apart pieces.

Sada g繹r羹nen makinaya insan cesetlerini at覺yorlar arkadan par癟a par癟a al覺yorlarm覺.

There are many modernized old style buildings like this one in Kiev. Which is a lovely thing. I hate new boring apartments.

Kiev’de bunun gibi modernlestirilmi eski bina olduk癟a fazla. Bu g羹zel 癟羹nk羹 ruhsuz apartmanlardan nefret ediyorum ve T羹rkiye’ye her geliimde g繹z羹me ilk batan ey onlar oluyor. Bu ruhsuz apartmanlardan Kiev’de de var tabi. Hatta bizdekinden de beter. ounun 覺覺覺 bile yanm覺yor. telefon 覺覺覺yla merdiven inip 癟覺k覺yorsunuz.

A trip to out of Kiev

Our photographer friend Kostya invited us to take a ride to take some photos in the nature. Here we are going.

Fotoraf癟覺 dostumuz Kostya beni hem gezmek hem de sada solda fotoraf 癟ekmek i癟in ehirden uzakta bir tura 癟覺kard覺.

Somewhere out of Kiev.

Kiev d覺覺nda bir yer.

Walking on theabandonedrailroads.

Terkedilmi tren yollar覺nda y羹r羹mek.

Railroads are good things. They triggers good feelings for me.

Tren raylar覺n覺 severim. Bende g羹zel duygular uyand覺r覺yorlar.

A quick break somewhere close toKpachon覺nka :)

Kpachon覺nka yak覺nlar覺nda k覺sa bir mola.

We kept going and reached a frozen lake. There was no body around. Full of silence. Just the sounds of nature. Some little wind and that’s it. Don’t know why but I was afraid to make a noise. I felt like if I shout or move fast everything will be messed up or the ices will crack.

Yola devam ettik ve kar覺m覺za donmu bir g繹l 癟覺kt覺. Muhteem g繹r羹n羹yordu. Etrafta kimseler yoktu ve doan覺n getirdii hafif r羹zgar uultusundan baka hi癟 bir ses duyulmuyordu. neden bilmiyorum ses 癟覺karmaya utan覺yor gibiydim. Sanki ba覺rsam t羹m o buzlar k覺r覺lacak ya da bir eyler mahvolacak gibi bir his vard覺 i癟imde.

One of the most exciting moments in Kiev. Standing in the middle of a frozen lake with 2 girls. A sunny day which is not good for the ice :)

Donmu g繹l羹n ortas覺nda g羹neli bir g羹nde 2 k覺zla dikilip poz vermek pek ak覺ll覺ca bir i deildi evet ama akl覺m覺 kaybedeli nas覺lsa 癟ok oldu. O y羹zden sorun yok.

This is somewhere hidden at the back of some fields. Kostya took us here. We parked the car, walked a little bit and see this scene. Lovely view.

Kostya’n覺n nas覺lsa bulup kefettii acayip yerlerden biri. Arabay覺 park edip birilerinin arsas覺ndan koturarak ulat覺覺m覺z bu yer harika bir manzaraya sahipti.

Tochka and Kung Fu

I saw that is written “Something from Kiev” in the menu of cafe and I ordered it with Ilya. This is Something from Kiev. And in the right picture you see a casino paster looks very 80′s to me. :)

Bir kahve i癟elim diye girdiimiz yerde “Something from Kiev” diye bir ey i癟tik. G羹zeldi. Sada gene 80′ler kokulu g羹zel bir gazino posteri var. :)

My sticker cards everywhere. From left to right: Katya, Ilya and Sasha. Sasha is one of my old friends in Kiev. I know him since 2006.

Sticker kartlar覺m覺 yap覺t覺rmaya devam ediyorum. Soldan saa Katya, Ilya ve Sasha. Sasha benim 2006 Kiev ziyaretimden arkada覺m. Eski dostlar覺 tekrar g繹r羹yor olmak g羹zel. Yaln覺z bu adamlar yalanm覺yorlar oras覺 biraz g覺c覺k.

Sticker again.

Yap覺t覺rd覺m. Tamam.

I told you about how deep underground is seoul subway stations. This is just an example. You see the subway map on right.

Size Kiev’in ne kadar derin metro istasyonlar覺 olduundan bahsetmityim. 襤te onlardan biri. Sada metro haritas覺 g繹r羹lmekte.

One sample of Kiev subway station.

Kiev metro istasyonu 繹rnei.

This small markets are still alive in Kiev. It’s good to see them.

Bu t羹r mahalle bakkallar覺 Kiev’de 繹lmemi. Bi s羹r羹 var bunlardan. n羹m羹zdeki 10 y覺l i癟inde kesin yok olurlar gibi geliyor bana ama bakal覺m.

This is the office of which is a very famous online newspaper in Ukraine. I came here to meet with Maxim who is also a friend of Olha and he will make an interview with me about Designer on the road.

Buras覺 Ukrayna’n覺n en bilinen online gazetesi’in ofisi. Olha’n覺n arkada覺 Maxim beni kap覺da kar覺l覺yor. Kendisi benimle Designer on the road projesi i癟in r繹portaj yapacak.

Me and Maxim during the interview.

Ben ve Maxim R繹portaj esnas覺nda.

Learn Kung-Fu in Kiev. Ok?

Kiev’de Kung – Fu 繹renin. 襤yidir.

This is Turkish bath I saw in a street. However it is next to a dentist clinic and they share the same Signboard which is pretty weird. At right you see a postbox.

Yolda tesad羹fen T羹rk hamam覺 buldum. Ama di癟iyle ayn覺 tabelay覺 kullan覺yor olmas覺 癟ok acayip.

Sexy beer advertising in Kiev. By the way cigaretteadvertisingis legal here.

Kiev’de b繹yle seksi reklamlar var. Bu arada sigara reklam覺 da serbest burada.

Olha’s raki party

As we planned before we met in Olha’s house to have a rak覺 party before I leave Kiev. So party started like you see in right picture. After 30 minutes of that photo left one is taken :)

Daha 繹nce de kararlat覺rd覺覺m覺z gibi ben ayr覺lmadan Olha’n覺n evinde bir rak覺 partisi yapt覺k ve bu parti sadfa g繹rd羹羹n羹z fotorafla balad覺. Bu fororaftan tam 30 dakika sonra ise soldaki 癟ekildi.

See what happened in that 30 seconds.

襤te o 30 dakika i癟inde yaananlar.

I think Olha didn’t like the taste. She just took one or two sip then left her glass to table. But everybody else loved rak覺. Ilya and Sasha drunk without water. Especially Sasha loved it more without water. At the end of the night he was looking good too. Crazy Ukrainians.

Olha bir iki yudumdan sonra barda覺 kenara b覺rakt覺. Nas覺l buld覺un diye sorduumda k繹t羹 demedi ama farkl覺 dedi. Bence pek sevmedi. Ama onun d覺覺nda herkes 羹st d羹zey rak覺c覺 癟覺kt覺. zellikle Ilya ve Sasha rak覺y覺 gece boyunca sek i癟tiler. Gecenin sonunda hala iyi g繹r羹n羹yorlard覺. Ukraynal覺lar s羹rger 癟覺kt覺 anlayaca覺n覺z.

Olha’s cat is a heavy drinker too. Don’t think it’s just a cat. It drinks like a monster.

Kedi deyip ge癟meyin canavar gibi i癟iyor.

Final photo from the night. The think in mymouth is actually a spoon designed like a long tongue. :) It’s Katya’s gift to me. Thank you so much Katya!

Gecenin son fotoraf覺 da bu oldu. Az覺mda g繹rd羹羹n羹z o ey asl覺nda dil eklinde bir ka覺k. Bu g羹zel hediyesi i癟in Katya’ya teekk羹rler.