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Taking off!


Hello, this is your captain Designer on the road speaking. We are checking the last controls and will be taking off tomorrow early morning. We will be heading to Bucharest Romania first. Temperature will be 30 centigrades with 11 km/h wind blow. Please sit back, fasten your seat belts and enjoy the ride…

Bayanlar, baylar… Kaptan覺n覺z Designer on the road konuuyor. u an son kontrolleri yap覺yoruz. Sabah erkenden kalk覺a ge癟iyoruz. 襤lk dura覺m覺z B羹kre – Romanya olacak. B羹krete hava s覺cakl覺覺 30 dereceyken r羹zgar 11 kilometre h覺zla esiyor olacak. L羹tfen koltuklar覺n覺za yaslan覺n, kemerlerinizi balay覺n ve yolun tad覺n覺 癟覺kar覺n…

Did some research for the new route

google search

Did some research for the new route. Last 2 days to launch! This is the first time I do a research before my trips. Usually i prefer to go and learn everything right there. I don’t even look at the pictures from internet. Anyway I made a change for now. It’s also first time I will carry a big luggage since it will be a winter route. Probably it’s gonna be quite cold. It is also my shortest route as well. Let’s see how things gonna work.

Rota 4′羹n balamas覺na 2 g羹n kald覺. Normalde hi癟 huyum deildir ama bu sefer internette k羹癟羹k bir arat覺rma yapt覺m. Genelde her eyi gittiim zaman orada g繹rmek ve 繹renmek daha houma gidiyor ama bu sefer k羹癟羹k bir deiiklik yapt覺m. Zaten bu rota 繹nceki 羹癟羹ne g繹re biraz daha farkl覺. Bi kere daha 繹nceden g繹癟men kular gibi hep s覺caklara doru y繹nelirdim. Bu seferse souklara doru ilerleyeceim. Haliyle ilk kez b羹y羹kce bir bavul ta覺mam gerekecek. Malum 1 kazak 6 t-shirt kadar yer kapl覺yor. Neyseki en k覺sa rotam da bu olacak. Hadi hay覺rl覺s覺… Bana ans dileyin.

Visa process is finally ending

2012-06-25 01.51.46

Schengen tamamd覺r. Yar覺n Romanya vizesi…

Schengen is ok. Tomorrow I will get the Romanian visa.

4X5 :)

rota 4 羹lkeler

Romania, Germany, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina and Albania. Route 4 : The Balkan Breeze starting in 9 September. 12 weeks of superb adventures.

4×5 rota geliyor! Balkan Esintisi adl覺 4. rotam覺z i癟in se癟ilen 5 羹lke belli oldu. Romanya – Almanya – H覺rvatistan – Bosna Hersek ve Arnavutluk. Toplam 12 haftal覺k 羹ber macera 9 Eyl羹lde bal覺yor!



This was the longest pitstop of Designer on the road but I did a lot. Visited 8 different universities to talk. Back up all my files, upgrade my computer, complete the DOTR theme song Git dedi bana with Burcu Erba. Joined my cousins wedding, did some holiday, arrange new agencies to work, apply for visas and search for tickets with Ay癟a Sinem. Now is the time to set up my bag for the last time. An epic adventure is waiting for me which includes never ending train rides and long bus trips. Its gonna take 12 weeks and its called as Route4 : Balkan Breeze! Starting in 9 September from Istanbul Ataturk airport.

Bu seferki aram uzun oldu fark覺nday覺m. T羹m eyalar覺m覺 kutulay覺p bir depoya kilitledim. Blog d璽hil t羹m dosyalar覺 yedekledim, rami 16 GBa y羹kselttim, arivi d羹zenledim, Burcu Erbala Git Dedi Bana adl覺 projemin tema ark覺s覺n覺 bitirdim. T羹rkiyenin 8 farkl覺 羹niversitesinde sunumlar覺m覺 yapt覺m, kuzeni evlendirdim, tatile gittim, ajanslar覺 ayarlad覺m. Ay癟a Sinem ile birlikte vizelere bavurdum, sonu癟lar gelmeden biletleri de kestik ve imdi s覺ra 癟anta haz覺rlamakta. 2011de balad覺覺m bu maceray覺 sonland覺rmak i癟in son kez haz覺rlan覺yorum. G羹nlerce s羹recek tren seyahatlerinden, 羹lkeler aras覺 otob羹s yolculuklar覺na kadar zorlu bir etap beni bekliyor olacak. Ben de hepsini her zaman olduu gibi buradan sizlerle payla覺yor olaca覺m. Toplam 12 hafta s羹recek olan Rota 4: Balkan Esintisi 9 Eyl羹lde 襤stanbul Atat羹rk havaliman覺ndan bal覺yor.

Other fellows on the road

During my world trip I have met with othertravelersas well. All of them had different stories and different ways to make their trips possible. It’s amazing to see how many different ways people can find to chase after their dreams. I would like to share some of them to give youcourageto start your own thing.

1) is a German photographer and architect. His project is the closest to mine. He sold his house and started his dream trip from China. He works everywhere he goes just like me. As a reward he gets a place to sleep and food. He can’t visit as much as places like me but he stays longer periods everywhere he goes since the architecture projects takes long time. His project called as Stories of a journey man.

2) Vanessa is my old friend. We were working together as a team in Young & Rubicam Istanbul office. She was always dreaming for a world trip just like me and she was saving a lot of money for long long time with this dream on her mind. When she thought she did enough saving, she gave a break to her job and started traveling. She is a living proof of it’s possible to do a world trip as a woman, alone. She tries to work inrestaurantsor cafes everywhere she goes to spend as less money from her savings on the road.

3) you were here is another Turkish friend’s projects who is doing a trip around India with a Royal Enfield bike. His ambition is to make 30.000 km trip in India with his bike. We met together in Goa and his bike was showing 22.000 km. He just paused his project for now but he will keep going soon.

4) friends traveling to countries as a team to make documentary traveling TV-show and sell to TV channels. They have some sponsors to cover the trip expenses or reduce them as much as possible.

5) Kemal Kaya from 襤zmir rent his house with all his furnitures to finance his world trip. He also saved quite a lot money before he rent his house and hits hisself on the roads.

6) best friends from Turkey襤smail zger and zcan Bostanc覺 They bored and hated of what they are doing back in their safe zones just like me. Then they decided to travel their top 20 places to see. They save 33.000 Turkish Liras per person for this and they also sold their cars to start their trips.

7) This is a 8000 km trip around India by Bunny and Tony.

8) couple in love on the road Claire and Max is traveling around the world and making great videos since 4 years. They don’t work on the road and they are focused on making nice videos everywhere they go. Since they are two people and they carry 3 pro cameras. They do it well. I don’t know how they finance their trips but they are doing a really nice thing.

9) Aprofessionalsurfer traveling to the best surfing spots of the world to surf. He is sponsored by some of the well known surfing equipment manufacturers.

10) couple again. They started their 13 months project with 4000 US dollars for each month.

Yolda benim gibi bir 癟ok gezginle kar覺lat覺m. Sonu癟ta d羹nyay覺 gezen tek insan ben deilim ama bunu bu ekilde yapan tek kiiyim. Farkl覺 insanlar覺n farkl覺 becerilere ve yaant覺lara g繹re kendilerine has projeleri oluyor. Bir d羹nya turu hayali kuran herkesin bunu bambaka yollarla hayata ge癟iriyor olmas覺 harika bir ey. Bu projelerin d覺覺nda tekneyle okyanusu aan ya da emekli olduktan sonra evlerini kiraya verip jiple d羹nya turu yapmaya 癟al覺an insanlar da mevcut. Dediim gibi herkes ayn覺 tutkunun peine baka baka yollardan d羹m羹. Umar覺m siz de kendi yolunuzu bulursunuz, tabi eer yolda olmak istiyorsan覺z…


Fill in the blanks

Fill in the blanks and start working on it…

Boluu doldurun ve 癟al覺maya balay覺n…

System shut down for 6 months

Today I shut down my game console and repack it somewhere in the house to avoid dusts. Good bye to gaming for 6 months. :(

襤te yola 癟覺kman覺n en k繹t羹 taraflar覺ndan biri. :) Sistemi kapat覺p tozlanmamas覺 i癟in gene kutulad覺m. 6 ay sonra tekrar buluaca覺z kendisiyle.

New gifts again…

A classic. I went to Grand bazaar of Istanbul yesterday and collected the new gifts for people I am going to meet on the way. From Fez to Mesir macunu (paste) I am loaded again. “Mesir macunu” also known in Turkey as a natural viagra. People believe that it improves sexual performance. I will also buy some packages of Turkish delight from Ataturk Airport on the road.

Art覺k klasikleen yol 繹ncesi Kapal覺癟ar覺 al覺veriimin yenisini de tamamlad覺m. Yeni hediyeler yeni insanlarla tan覺may覺 bekliyor. Bu sefer 2. rotadaki kadar u癟amad覺m 癟羹nk羹 tecr羹be ettim ki b羹y羹k hediyeleri ta覺mak da b羹y羹k problem oluyor. Zaten buradaki b羹y羹kleri de direk ilk durakta da覺t覺p 癟antada yer a癟mak birincil plan覺m. Istanbul’dan ayr覺lmadan havaalan覺ndan biraz da T羹rk lokomu al覺r覺m, tamam ite. :)

Facebook give away!

Some items I bought from different countries around the world. Guess the countries and I will give this cute keychain for the first true answer. :) Post your comment to facebook pafe for quick reply:

Millet telefon, bilgisayar verir bende anahtarl覺k veriyorum :) D羹nyan覺n farkl覺 noktalar覺ndan toplad覺覺m bu eyalar覺n hangi 羹lkelerden al覺nd覺覺n覺 doru tahmin eden ilk kiiye sada g繹r羹nen irin anahtarl覺覺 hediye ediyorum :) Kendisi Seul’dan geldi. Buyrun facebook sayfas覺na: