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Ben thanh market

I keep sticking my stickers around the city :) The left photo taken in a old style tuk tuk while exploring the city.

Designer on the road stickerlar覺m ilgin癟 yerlerde, yerlerini almaya devam ediyor.

This is famous “Ben thanh market” A kind of Vietnamese version of our grand bazaar of Istanbul. Much smaller one but still good to go.

Buras覺 da bizim kapal覺 癟ar覺n覺n Vietnam ubesi 羹nl羹Ben thanh market. Bizimkisinden daha k羹癟羹k olsa da gezilesi g繹r羹lesi bir yer.

You can find any kind of souvenirs here. Bargain is a must.

Her t羹rl羹 hediyelik eya, incik boncuk, 覺v覺r z覺v覺r buradan bulunabilir. Pazarl覺k standart.

I got the red t-shirt. And see how Vietnamese salesmen using Ipads in their place. :)

Pazarc覺 abilerin Ipad’leri bu ekilde kullanmalar覺 癟ok ilgincime gitti. T-shirtlerden sadakini ald覺m.

Say hello to my little friend. (right)

K羹癟羹k arkada覺ma merhaba :)

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