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Arrival to Buenos Aires

I had a long flight. In total 10.377 km. It took one day. During the flight I watched 4 movies. 1) How to lose a guy in 10 days 2) Wrath of the Titans3) Expectations 4) Safe. I was quite tired and half dead when I arrived here 3 hours later than the actual landing time. It happened because of the heavy rain in Argentina. I was curious about the man who was about to pick me up from the airport. He is the driver of the agency that I am going to work with. I couldn’t let anybody know about the delay but good news, he didn’t leave and waited for me there. I saw him with this card in front of the international arrival door. He dropped me to the place I am going to stay. I don’t remember the rest of it. All I know, I was in Buenos Aires when I opened my eyes.

10377 kilometrelik uzun mu uzun 3 aktarmal覺 bir u癟utan sonra Buenos Aires’e 3 saat gecikmeli olarak vard覺m. Bu gecikme Arjantin’deki a覺r yamurdan dolay覺 olmutu fakat u癟a覺n gecikecei ile ilgili kimseye haber de veremedim. Orada 癟al覺aca覺m ajans覺n of繹r羹 beni alacakt覺 ama 3 saat orada bekleyecek miydi bilmiyordum. Ya gittiyse n’ap覺cam ben orada diye kara kara d羹羹n羹rken u癟ak inie ge癟ti ve uluslararas覺 var覺 terminalinin kap覺s覺nda bizim eleman覺 elinde ad覺m覺n yaz覺l覺 olduu kartla beklerken yakalad覺m. Beni kalaca覺m eve g繹t羹rd羹. Eve girdim ve gerisini resmen hat覺rlam覺yorum. Yolculuk beni bitirmi. G繹zlerimi a癟t覺覺mda Buenos Aires’de yeni bir evdeydim.

This is my room. High ceiling, wood floor, big windows, free limitless internet, TV. Everything is nice. Bed is quite small. Every time I turn other side I get really close to falling down.

Buras覺 da yeni odam. TV, s覺n覺rs覺z internet, y羹ksek tavan, b羹y羹k pencereler, ahap yer ve s羹per k羹癟羹k bir yatak. D繹nmeye gelmiyor mumya gibi yat覺yorum.

Hall and kitchen.

Giri ve mutfak.

Hall and bathroom.

Giri ve banyo.

Enough of sleeping. Now time to go to work. I will work in a butique design agency here. It’s name is: Furia.

Furia burada 癟al覺aca覺m ajans覺n ismi. Butik ama b羹y羹k iler yapan bir ajans.

Welcome to Furia.

Furia’ya hogeldiniz.

This is where I am sitting.

Masan覺n ucuna s覺覺t覺m.

Furia is a different kind of agency. It’s like a home. All the books, posters, pictures and everything about decoration gives you a warm feeling. Even meetings with the clients are held at the couches in front of the TV. There is no much rule,bureaucracy or hierarchy… Working hours are also flexible. I went there at 08:00 a.m. first day. Nobody was in the agency. :) People started to appear after 10 o’clock.

Furia biraz ev gibi bir ajans. M羹teriyle toplant覺lar koltuklarda oturarak yap覺l覺yor. Ev oturmas覺 gibi bir his yarat覺yor bu. 襤ler televizyondan sunuluyor. 襤e giri 癟覺k覺 saatleri 癟ok esnek. Hatta ben ie ilk g羹n 8′de gittim kimse yoktu, millet 10′dan sonra gelmeye balad覺.

This was my first dinner. I chose the cheapest thing in the menu. And look what happenned. In Argentina portions are huge. Sometimes I feel full after eating half of my plate. Then I ask them to make a package and carry back home for the next day :) Food is served big here but prices are also not so cheap.Restaurantsare mostly expensive here. Another expensive thing is parking your car. Check the prices here.

Bu da benim ilk akam yemeim. Men羹deki en ucuz eyi s繹ylememe ramen b繹yle bir ey geldi. Burada porsiyonlar 癟ok b羹y羹k. Bazen yar覺s覺n覺 paket yapt覺r覺p eve g繹t羹r羹yorum. Porsiyonlar覺n b羹y羹k olmas覺na kar覺l覺k burada restoranlar genelde pahal覺. Ucuz yemek bulmak 癟ok kolay deil. Kendiniz piirmeniz gerekiyor. Bir dier pahal覺 ey ise otopark 羹cretleri. Fiyatlara bak覺n…

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