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About cars

Hyundai and Kia are most well know Korean car manifacturers. There are also some other brands. For example Samsung. We know it as electronics and techology brand but they are also making cars here. :) I don’t know why don’t sell it in Turkey because they look quite good. And see this car, looks like a German car but it’s actually a Kia. I see many different models of Hyundai and Kia here which I never seen in Turkey. However I am on the road for six months so maybe they are selling these cars nowadays. No idea. And this vertical parking lots are interesting. I don’t know how they manage all these cars like this :)

Bu araba bir Kia arkadalar. Evet inanm覺yorsunuz biliyorum ama sa fotorafa bakarsan覺z logoyu g繹receksiniz. Iin ilgin癟 yan覺 Koreli markalar olan Hyundai ve Kia’n覺n burada her nedense bizde sat覺lmayan 癟ok ilgin癟 ve kaliteli b羹y羹k癟e modelleri mevcut. Mesela burada bir tane bile Getz g繹rmedim ben. Hep b羹y羹k arabalar.

And super cars. There are plenty of them in Seoul. You can see Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Masarati on the roads.

Seul’da olduk癟a fazla say覺da s羹per spor s覺n覺f覺 ara癟 g繹rmek m羹mk羹n. Yollar cillop olunca zengin kesim s覺k覺c覺 SUV’ler yerine bunlar覺 tercih edebiliyor.

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  • Bay覺l覺yorum bu Asyal覺lara… Ger癟ekten Animelerde g繹rd羹羹m羹z gibiler… Kesinlikle Avrupal覺 insanlardan ayr覺l覺yorlar… Arabalarda cillop :)

    Hasan T羹rkolu

    20 Kas覺m 2011

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